The BEST 7 beginner secrets to get PRO-LIKE run form

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Improve your running economy to get faster and make running easier

Back when I ran track in college, I had a decent amount of raw genetic talent to run faster. But as I graduated to endurance running, my inefficient overstriding led to some serious knee injuries. Imagine how fast I could have been if I actually worked on my form.

In the 80s it was mostly thought good running form was a natural talent and not a skill to be worked at and acquired. If you compare my run form from now to 20 years ago it’s a world of difference.

Let’s start with posture. You don’t want to be slouching like a teenager with a bad attitude, or looking down at the ground like a kid who’s lost their lollipop. Stand up straight like a soldier, with your shoulders back and your head looking straight ahead. And don’t forget to relax! Otherwise, you’ll look like a stiff board running down the street.

Next up is your foot placement. Don’t be that person who overstrides and lands on their heel like a clumsy baby giraffe. Instead, aim to land with your foot under your knee, and then push off with your toes like you’re trying to leave a bad date early. This will help you maintain a faster cadence and keep you moving forward like a boss.

Speaking of cadence, that’s our next tip. Aim for a cadence of around 170-180 steps per minute. This is like the sweet spot for running, kind of like the perfect amount of sugar in your coffee. And if you’re struggling to maintain a higher cadence, try increasing it gradually over time. You can even use a metronome app or a playlist with the right BPM to help you stay on track like a DJ.

Now let’s talk about arm swing. Your arms play an important role in balancing your body and helping you maintain your cadence. Think of them like your hype squad, pumping you up and keeping you on beat. So aim to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle, and try to avoid crossing the center line of your body like a confused chicken. This will help you stay on course and avoid wasting energy on unnecessary movements.

Our next tip is all about stride length. Don’t be that person taking long, exaggerated strides like you’re auditioning for a clown act. Instead, focus on putting more force into your push-off behind you like you’re trying to escape from a pack of zombies. This will help you maintain a faster cadence and cover more ground with each step like a ninja.

Finally, let’s talk about arm swing. Yes, we already covered this, but it’s so important that we’re going to talk about it again. Think of your arms like the wind beneath your wings, or like a really good dance partner who knows all the moves. Keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle, and avoid crossing the center line of your body like you’re trying to do the limbo.

Remember, these tips are just the beginning. There’s so much more to learn about running form and technique, but with these seven tips, you’ll be able to run like a pro in no time. So get out there, and happy running, you running machine!

Summed Up : The 7 Main Tips for Good Running Form

  1. Foot plant : your feet should land almost under your body with a soft touch. ( a common mistake is to over-stride)
  2. Stride length comes from leg extension and push off at the back, and not from over extending at the front.
  3. Arm swing :keep the elbows at about 90degrees and naturally swing your arms back and forth, try not to swing side to side.
  4. Cadence: about 180 steps a minute, use your arm swing to help you keep your cadence high.
  5. Core: work on building a strong core, it is essential to hold a good posture .
  6. Perfection. Finally, we may not all become world champions, but we should never stop aiming for perfection, NO matter how old or slow we are.

Episode Highlights and Timestamps

09:38 Good running from vs. good running economy
12:19 Posture
13:44 Foot plan
18:37 Stride length
22:55 Arm swing
25:16 Cadence
27:51 How to improve your cadence
29:50 Core
32:00 Summing it all up



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