How To Become A One Percent Better Runner Everyday

Welcome to the one percent better runner. I’ve spent the last twelve years researching, experimenting on myself and talking to experts to get one percent better in my training, racing, and life. All to make it a bit easier for […]

Carb cycling for run performance

Carb cycling is a fancy term for alternating between high and low carb days. It’s like playing a game of “Guess Who?” with your diet, but instead of asking questions, you’re alternating between foods that are high in carbs and […]

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How To Learn From Your Racing Failures

If you want to reframe racing failures as lessons learned then you should listen to this episode. Some endurance athletes say “failure is not an option”. If you’ve ever attempted to do a race or event that was slightly ambitious, […]

Want To Race Faster? Drink War Juice.

If you want to learn how to find a pre-race drink that will turbo-boost your race performance, you should listen to this episode. The endurance sport season is about to get into full gear in both the northern and southern […]

The Most Powerful Way To Think for Endurance Sports Gains

“It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover.”  – Henri Poincaré, French mathematician, theoretical physicist, and engineer Have you ever wondered about how you can improve your mental fitness for training and racing? If so, […]

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What If 2021 Isn’t Better?

Running into life’s puddles with joy Watch Video HereSign up for the newsletter here Hello, and welcome to a new segment of my newsletter called “DLake Deliberations”. Once a month-ish – I’ll attempt to talk about the intersection of endurance […]

Why Rest, Sleep And Recovery Are So Important

Here’s a formula for success: Work + Rest = Training. But most endurance athletes get it twisted and think training equals work plus work. Find that answer out and more below. In this episode, we entertain and educate with studies […]

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What a personal trainer does in isolation | John Fawkes

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does a personal trainer do in isolation?” This might be the episode for you. If not, then just listen because he talks about a few things that personal trainers don’t really ever speak publicly about. […]

Why I Stopped Training With Heart Rate

How I use heart rate training now as more of a suggestive guide and how you can benefit from it. TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) Video below because #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat Click to listen to the podcast below Heart rate (HR) training is […]

Training Load: How Much is Too Much?

Avoiding Injury, Burnout, and Illness: Staying Fresh and Hitting Your Goals How much is too much? Training load that is. A question that any athlete thinking about their next event should be asking themselves, ‘how do I go about deciding […]

Low Expectations = Joy | Nowra Sprint Triathlon

Race Recap Jan 2018 What Tim Urban of Wait But Why says actually does ring true; “Joy = Reality — Expectation + Gratitude” (I added the gratitude bit). “Joy = Reality — Expectation + Gratitude” (I added the gratitude bit). […]