What Does a Fitness Coach Do In Isolation? [Podcast & Article]

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INTRODUCTION If you’ve ever wondered, “What does a personal trainer do in isolation?” This might be the episode for you. If not, then just listen because he talks about a few things that personal trainers don’t really ever speak publicly about. LISTEN to the full podcast episode ABOVE READ the […]

Healthy Wealthy and Wise 01 | How Our Reaction to Covid-19 is Similar To Doing an Ironman Triathlon

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This short episode is an experiment of sorts called Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Watch and listen to the full podcast episode above Download the full episode transcription here In our spare time, we naturally talk about fitness, wellness, finance and the self-improvement that we gain from all of those things. […]

To Race and Compete Faster, Legally – Drink War Juice!

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INTRODUCTION We helped create a fun episode about a drink that has helped the Master of Some Team (Daren Lake and Phil Cross) compete faster and better. TLDR – It doesn’t have EPO in it, it tastes great and it’s 100% legal! LISTEN to the full episode HERE or above  […]