Upgrade your identity to form new running habits with Seth Baird

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If you want to learn how to upgrade your identity to create new running habits, then you should listen to this episode and read below. Bodybuilders and endurance athletes are not the same type of people. They usually identify with things that are polar opposite. From their training to their […]

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How To Learn From Your Racing Failures

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If you want to reframe racing failures as lessons learned then you should listen to this episode. Some endurance athletes say “failure is not an option”. If you’ve ever attempted to do a race or event that was slightly ambitious, I would argue that failure is an option. In my head, I’ve […]

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Use Curiosity To Run Better with Marathon Coach Andia Winslow

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Part 1 Part 2 [Download the free full transcription pdf here or scroll to bottom] If you want to learn how to use your own curiosity for endurance sports gains – then you should listen to this episode Curiosity is something that is double-edged in our society. People that are […]