How Body Positivity Can Help Everyone Train & Race Better

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Welcome to the internet’s most exciting endurance sport and self-improvement podcast, Master of some!

We all love getting new personal records in our endurance sport of choice. With this episode, I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight an underrepresented category —- mental health and mental physical fitness.

This is as important as how fast you can run. We believe a podcast about my physical insecurities, public nudity perception and gender equality actually fits this positive mental health model quite well.

This is a narrative re-release in the “Grower Not a Shower” mental health series. This episode is part one of three. It was previously a cross release with another podcast called “Cool Black Dudes” that is on a long term hiatus at the moment.

In this episode I’ll explain and talk about;

  • Racial stereotypes around men’s physical traits.
  • Perspectives from other black guys around this topic because I’m not the only black dude that feels this way
  • I’ll be doing a bit of “internet sampling” to help set up a few of these concepts
  • We’ll go back in time and I’ll tell a story of how I got my curiosity around the human body.
  • Last – I’m joined in this series by Jessa – The Nude Blogger to help tell the female side of this very complex story. She’ll be mostly in the 2nd part so make sure to listen to that one.

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Thanks for listening and enjoy… peace!


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