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Breaking the run a lot and eat everything in sight mentality with Mike Trees

After a long run, it’s hard to resist the urge to eat everything in sight, much like how it’s hard to resist the pull of a toxic romantic relationship.

Just like a long run can leave you feeling exhausted and drained, a toxic relationship can also drain you of your energy and sense of self.

And just as a post-run snack can provide a much-needed energy boost, a toxic partner can also temporarily provide a rush of excitement and validation.

Find out how to break the run a lot and eat everything in sight mentality and more on this episode of trees and dlake.

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What You Will Learn & Highlights

  • Finding out if your body is dehydrated, hungry or tired.
  • The power of protein for satiation post run
  • Good fats
  • Keeping your brain and body busy
  • The thin line between over and under fueling
  • The benefits of counting calories for a few days
  • The 20 min post-meal rule
  • Eating whole foods
  • and more!

Notable Quotables

  • The body often mistakes hunger, thirst and fatigue
  • The killer is when you sit down after a run and don’t know what to do next, so you eat
  • When you start running, you tend to eat more than you’ve burned
  • Some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight – that is not me.
  • The 20 min rule: 20 mins after eating, I ask myself if I’m hungry. If not, don’t eat more.



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