Healthy Wealthy and Wise 01 | How Our Reaction to Covid-19 is Similar To Doing an Ironman Triathlon

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Read Time – 16 minutes This short episode is an experiment of sorts called Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Watch and listen to the full podcast episode above Download the full episode transcription here In our spare time, we naturally talk about fitness, wellness, finance and the self-improvement that we gain from all of those things. […]

Living For Joy and Not Happiness is Stoic Purpose

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Read Time – 4 minutes To suffer is to have a purpose. Happiness is a match and joy is the lifelong fuel to your health and fitness fire. Without bitter suffering, getting to the end isn’t as sweet. BONUS — I created a podcast on a similar topic called “Stoicism” that is based around health and fitness served […]

CBD Radio – Digressions – Grower Not A Show-ER (Full Podcast Episode)

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Read Time – 2 minutes Click Above To Stream The Full Feature Length Episode or Direct Download (right/control click) – HERE. A Cool Black Dudes Radio & Pod Paste original investigative story about how a guy’s very personal insecurities turned into something WAY BIGGER than his problems. The following while extremely informative, contains some foul […]