The Link Between Carbs, Cavemen and Your Inner GPS for Run Gains

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Well… hello! If it ain’t the newest members of our crew! Welcome aboard to Three Thing Thursday, homies! And to my day ones, let’s give ’em a triple scoop of ‘energy powder induced ‘WHAT IS UP’ to show ’em how we do things around here! 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽”

TLDR about what’s coming up;

  1. Future Things: Cavemen n Carbs & Inner GPS ⌚️
  2. Past Things: Grey Zone & Cross Training Dangers 🚴🏽‍♂️
  3. Present Things: Training Updates 📊

Feeling this? Why not…

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This issue is all about time, complete with links, updates, metaphors, and (cough: bad/corny) jokes to keep your brain buzzing. And later this month/next week-ish? We’ll be diving deep into one topic at a time.


🥗 Future Things

Paleo got it wrong – we’ve been eating carbs for 100,000 years

See, the crazy thing is that years ago, I believed “paleo” was how we ate. Hunter gathers fish, some deer/bison/rabbits, seeds, nuts, and whatever berries they found near the river.

But as I did more research, talked to diet experts and experimented (my discovery process), I realised how important carbs were for superactive humans (like our hunter-gathering ancestors)

Learn more here

Calibrate Your Inner GPS

Learn to run by feel and get off the hedonic smart watch figurative (and literal) treadmill.

I love technology, and one day in the near future, I want to integrate with AI and a Brain Machine Interface while upgrading my physical body with titanium and carbon to become a Gen 2 cyborg (I’ll let them work out the bugs with Gen 1).

But while my love of technology grows stronger with the hype of each version of Chat GPT, I still like to, as the Gen Z Tik Tokkers say, “Touch Grass” every now and then and unplug from all that noise.

Find out how to start running by feel here.

👻 Past Things

Why you should (and should not) train in the GREY ZONE

The intermediate stage between life and the afterlife is known as purgatory in Catholic/Christian circles, where you experience mild suffering in a state of limbo. Similarly, in training for endurance events, the grey zone exists between aerobic and anaerobic heart rate zones, and coaches advise against staying in this zone… SOMETIMES?!

Go here to find out when it’s okay to be in the grey zone and when not.

2 Reasons why cross training can hurt run performance

As I transition from pre-season into the race build/focus, I want to keep swimming and running, BUT I know to run fast, you gotta.. run fast. The law of specificity is real.

Learn more about this triggering topic here (and feel free to tell me why I’m wrong – I want all the smoke baby!)

📊Present Things: Training Update

My fitness and health took an L as I was getting over one of the longest and most annoying sinus infections I’ve ever had. I got sick about 5 weeks ago… like a baby super mild cold. 2-3 days, and I was fine… so I thought!

Then I came back hot and fast and didn’t let my body fully recover as I was rushing to run my fastest 5k. I constantly have rhinitis (inflammation of the sinuses), so anything with my nose gets exaggerated 10x more than a normal person. And from what my doctor said, the bacteria love the nose, and it was just sitting too long in there and growing because I wasn’t fully recovered/healthy. (See why the risk of getting fit means you give up your health! Gotta balance this out if you want to get 1% better everyday)

Enter four weeks of yo-yo fitness and just trying to maintain some form of consistency has me respecting when I get sick next time. I couldn’t push past 50% effort and regressed back to flu-like symptoms for 24-36 hours.

The moral of the story is – Listen to your body; just take the week off and go easy.

Notable Quotable

for April 2023.

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🍺 PPS- Can exercise replace alcohol cravings?