Extreme cold vs hot weather running: which is better?

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Unpopular opinion. I love running in hot weather, extremely hot weather. It feels amazing. I know I’m the minority, but maybe, just maybe, there is some science and merit to training in the heat, the extreme heat versus the extreme cold. Or maybe I’m just crazy. In this episode, my goal is to slightly convince you of whatever you believe in, so the opposite of where your stance is, so that you can try it in your own life and make yourself a better running human.

Running in Extreme Heat

Running in hot weather forces your body to adapt. This improves your heat tolerance and helps during races in warm climates. Heat training teaches you to hydrate better and makes your body more efficient at cooling down.

Mentally, it’s a challenge. Pushing through discomfort builds resilience. If you can handle a tough run in the heat, you can handle other challenges in life.

Running in the Cold

Cold weather running has its benefits too. You sweat less, which reduces the risk of dehydration and helps maintain a steady heart rate. Your body can focus more on performance instead of cooling down.

It requires preparation and determination. The right gear is essential, and this discipline translates to other areas of life. Winter runs can be introspective, helping you clear your mind and set goals.

How to Implement These Strategies

For heat training:

  • Acclimate gradually.
  • Start with shorter runs in warmer weather.
  • Hydrate well and use electrolyte supplements.
  • Wear light, breathable clothing.
  • Run during cooler parts of the day.

For cold weather training:

  • Invest in quality thermal gear, gloves, and hats.
  • Start your run facing the wind.
  • Be mindful of icy conditions.
  • Warm up indoors before heading out.

Which is best for you?

Whether you choose extreme heat or cold, each offers unique challenges and benefits. Embrace the discomfort and adapt your training. Build resilience and toughness. Which will you conquer—heat or cold? Share your experiences in the comments!

Timestamps of What You’ll Learn

  1. [01:17] Discussion on the polarizing topic of training in extreme temperatures.
  2. [02:23] Factors to consider in extreme cold and extreme heat running.
  3. [06:47] Poll responses and community opinions on cold vs. hot weather running.
  4. [08:08] Personal perspectives on running in extreme temperatures.
  5. [09:10] Tips for staying safe and hydrated in extreme heat or cold.
  6. [10:06] Encouragement to subscribe and engage with the podcast content.
  7. [11:02] Judge’s verdict on extreme cold vs. extreme heat for running.
  8. [13:00] Comparison of challenges in extreme cold and extreme heat running.

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