DLake Creates | 80.20x Health Data Tracker

Congratulations! You are on your way to creating systems that create habits that will last a lifetime with the 80.20 Experience Health Data Tracker. Click here to start.

Below are simple instructions on how to copy this the 80.20x Data Google form into your Google Drive account. 

It’s best to do this from a desktop computer if possible and I will NOT have access to your Google account.

If you haven’t already click thisĀ link to copy the 80.20x Health Data Tracker Google form document to your Google Drive account. Then click “Make a Copy”.

You will be directed to the Google Form editor. Feel free to make any changes to the questions. Click the “Responses” Tab to the top right.

Click the green Google Sheets icon to the middle right.

Feel free to create a new spreadsheet and change to name to whatever you like.

Thanks again. If you have any issues email “holler at darenlake dot net”. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for all your daily fitness, health, habits, and systems motivation!


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