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We help small businesses create real, authentic and engaging organic content. This long tail approach means you can 2,5, or even 10x your content marketing efforts. Think – your small business’ fractional cheif marketing officer.

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Metigy – This Week in Marketing


Ashton Media has been working with the team at Pod Paste for a few years now and are absolutely thrilled with the results of our partnership. The quality of work that PodPaste helps us produce is absolutely world-class.

They are a partner in the truest sense of the word, providing sage advice in the world of podcasting, which was a new opportunity for us and, ensuring that our podcasts are attention-grabbing, topical, and keeps the listener engaged from start to finish. I couldn’t recommend them any more highly.”

– Gavin Stewart, CMO/Managing Director of Ashton Media

DLake Creates


“Over the past year, I have worked closely with Daren and the Pod Paste team on a complicated project with an even more complicated client. Their professionalism, agility, and most importantly, patience as things ebbed and flowed were essential to smooth, high-quality production.

Looking forward to future productions my first port of call would be to the Pod Paste team to help shape a compelling story, assemble and produce high-quality audio content and deliver a final product that exceeds even the trickiest client’s expectations.”

– Jon Simmons, Creative Director of Points Build

https://open.spotify.com/embed/episode/21gy89CWWFDgHlkiiQ65d5?utm_source=oembedEnter the “Geek Economy.” A limited-series podcast presented to you by Bunny Studio, the global leader in creative services. Dive deep into the digital culture with us as we demystify the hottest trends in freelancing, marketplaces, the gig economy, and the future of work. With the workplaces transitioning into the online sphere, we’ll pick apart make-or-break tech in conglomerate organizations and homegrown startups.

“Daren and the Pod Paste team are at that perfect counterpoint between creative vision and elegant business-focused solutions. At Studio Under The Stairs, we’ve partnered with Daren and the Pod Paste team on projects on the small scale right up to where there have been seemingly infinite moving parts! Daren and the Pod Paste team talk it and walk it well so from ideation through the process and onto product hopes and expectations are met if not exceeded!”

– Yannick Lawry, Director of Studio Under The Stairs

“Pod Paste has been a huge partner in the success of my podcast, The Modern Women. They’re phenomenal to work with, professional, efficient, and generous with advice to help take my podcast to the next level.”

– Natalie Drenovac, Founder of The Modern Women
The Affirmation Project by Jessica Vanderleahy – A highly produced, musically beat-driven micro-podcast. In 5-minutes or less encourages a daily affirmation practice to ground you in your intentions. It’s soul food, first thing in the morning, or whenever you need it.
Business Insider Australia - Devils and Details Podcast

Business Insider Australia – Devils and Details –  Featuring the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison with Leading Economic Thinkers and Market Strategists on Global and Australian Economic Issues, Financial Market Developments, Policy, and Strategy.

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