Want To Race Faster? Drink War Juice.

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If you want to learn how to find a pre-race drink that will turbo boost your race performance, you should listen to this episode.

The endurance sport season is about to get into full gear in both the northern and southern hemisphere. So we want to share with you how to get a mega huge boost in your performance with a drink that we both use personally.

On this episode, we break down WAR JUICE! It actually works (yes scientific studies have proven the benefits and I’ve seen the gains myself), it tastes great, and it makes you feel like you are drinking blood from an sci-fi movie or something.

The three main ingredients are Tart Cherry Juice, Codryceps Mushroom, and Beetroot juice. Since the airing of this episode I’ve enhanced it by adding in unflavoured BCAAs (4-8mg) and creatine monohydrate (3-5mg).

What You Will Learn

  • Whats in the drink and why each ingredient is so damn powerful
  • How to use it
  • When to use it
  • Where to get the ingredients
  • What the studies have shown of the power of each ingredient
  • How Beetroot juice actually works in aiding your next PR
  • And Much more

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Episode Quotes

  • Mix a bunch of ingredients together, shake it up and you feel like you’re ready to fight somebody – Phil Cross
  • Listen to this podcast, drink war juice, get a bunch of sleep and you’ll win gold medals
  • The power of beetroot juice lives in the nitrates which improves blood flow to the muscle.

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Download Here. Transcription is 90% accurate. Apologies for any and all errors.

Daren: Alright, Mr Phil Cross? 

Phil: Yes. 

Daren: What is War Juice? 

Phil: Well, it’s pretty easy to make ah, I mean, essentially you, you get, um, you get the helmet of a, of a, of a slain Viking King, and you fill it with the tears of Odin and the, uh, the blood of the last unicorn is important. That it is the last unicorn, not just a unicorn.

Um, and then, you know, you bless it under a blood moon, um, and then you’re ready to rock for your endurance event. It’s pretty special. 

Daren: I like that. Um, it’s still not enough description. Like, tell me what the fuck, like what, like what that, what does it actually, cause there’s gotta be some preparation, right?

Phil: Yeah, absolutely. Um, so the preparation preparation is pretty straightforward, but you basically mix a bunch of big mix a bunch of ingredients together, shake it up, and then honestly, you feel like you’re ready to fight somebody. It’s a, he’s, he’s pretty potent stuff. 

Daren: Cool. Well, um, I guess, you know. Why is it useful for, for you and potentially for other people?

Phil: Sure. Um, wow. Like of course, no one needs war juice. Like you can just go out and run. Um, you can also not think of your endurance events as a, uh, as a, as a conflict with, uh, with domination and winning and losing and war that that would be, that would be another way to think about it.

Daren:  So it’s going to be called race juice, then right?

Phil: It could but that also sounds, it’s like. That’s almost close to some kind of like racist views. 

Daren: You would go there. 

Phil: Why would I go anyway? Um, right, race, 

Daren: Competition juice. Comp juice.

Phil: Yeah. Yeah. Juice or whatever. War juice sounds more fun though, is like, it’s more fun. Um. So, yeah, no one needs it. You can go and run your race, you can do what you’re going to do, and you can just eat, just eat real food.

But actually, I mean, this is three real food ingredients. Um, which when combined together, actually I’m saying combined together, I have no data to suggest that the combination of these things does anything special, but they interact with each other in some way. But three, um, three ingredients that, um, from a fair amount of research and from my experience, um, can have some beneficial effects for endurance performance.

Um, so if you’re, if you’re looking to kind of pull out all the stops and try everything you can for races, I highly recommend this. Um, this is a recipe as well. I’ve given to many of the athletes I’ve coached who’ve tried it and they say like, they feel. You know, they feel a physical difference doing it.

Daren, I know you’ve tried some of it. You’ve tried components of war juice. 

Daren: That was it. 

Phil: Yeah

Daren: That was that like thing that burned my throat and I was like, Holy shit. You give me a shot of it, right? 

Phil: No, that was something else.

Daren: What was that?

Phil: That was master tonic. That’s different. 

Daren: Do we need to do episode on master tonic?

Phil: We could tack master tonic on to the end of this if you want. 

Daren: Yeah, you just do it. Yeah. 

Phil: We’ll stick with, Phil’s, Phil’s questionable beverage choice episode and how to make them, 

Daren: I think what you mean by the first, uh, sorry. By the, I tasted it. So beetroot juice. 

Phil: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Beetroot juice

Daren: That’s a big part of it, right? I’m giving away the sauce. So literally giving away the sauce. 

Phil: It’s okay. I don’t think we can leave the listeners on tenterhooks any longer. 

Daren: They are at the edge of their seat, so, so break down the preparation for juice like proper and not some spacing unicorn. 

Phil: Yeah, no, no, no.

So, so the preparation itself is nothing. You essentially just mix this stuff together. Um, you can throw it in a smoothie if you want. You can throw it in with a bunch of, and there’s nothing wrong with, you know, putting it with a bunch of greens and some protein powder and chia seeds and yada, yada, yada, and all the other stuff you have in a smoothie.

So if you want to do that, you can, or you can just mix these three things together and, and kind of have at it.

So, um. The first ingredient in there is cordyceps sinensis. So cordyceps mushrooms. Do you know about cordyceps mushrooms? 

Daren: I’ve heard a lot about it through Tim Ferris and a couple of other people. 

Phil: The whole, um, Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, um, Ben Greenfield, Marxists and Marxists. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You listen to any of them you’ve probably heard about, 

Daren: cause we got Audrey, Audrey Graham, right? Isn’t that, uh, who’s

Phil: Aubrey Marcus

Daren: Aubrey, Marcus. There we go. Audrey Graham, same thing. You know what? That’s actually Drake’s, that’s, I think that’s Drake’s middle name. 

Phil: Aubrey Marcus, he’s going to, he’s going to hear you called him Audrey and he’s going to start podcast beef. So cordyceps

Really interesting kind of background to this one so, um, it’s been a, been a staple of Chinese medicine for, for many, many, many years. Um, and it was, it was noticed that when, uh, Sherpas in the Himalayas in Tibet kind of got above 12,000 feet, that, you know, while they were drinking tea made from this, uh, made from this fungus, uh, it allowed them to climb higher with less oxygen and, and experience less fatigue and the, the kind of oxygen boosting capacities of the mushroom were noticed by Chinese medicine and didn’t really burst on the mainstream kind of global scene until I think the Beijing Olympics where the Chinese middle distance runners 3,000 meters, 5,000 meters, 10 K. Absolutely smashed it and broke a bunch of records, and it came out that they were taking cordyceps mushrooms.

So really, really interesting. Um, really interesting fungus. Um, and there’s been numerous studies. I’m not gonna kind of dice into them all now. We’ll put them in the show notes, but showing improved fat metabolism, metabolism, VO two max, ATP production, time to exhaustion, improve peak power. So a lot of things to like about this.

Um. And very little downside that I can see from trying it. That’s another thing I like about these ingredients. They’re not wacky, wacky supplements. And you know, the supplements have been around for a good long while and I don’t think there’s anything too detrimental about having them. So that’s number one.

Anything, anything on that, Daren? Any, any, any cordyceps burning questions before I move on? 

Daren: No, that actually, um, it’s funny cause I was doing beetroot juice and, um, you spoke about this in race nutrition on season one. And you talked about this and the, uh, the tart. Tart cherry juice, and I was like, you know, beetroot juice.

I saw crazy gains from that. Yeah. Yeah. But what was really exciting? Now I’m like, Oh, I can add two more things to my VO two max. So, you know, like, uh, to, to enhancing my VO two max. 

Phil: It’s almost like you don’t need to go and train, just sit at home, chug this and you will, you will just be a super athlete 

Daren: Listen to Master of Some, drink war juice master tonic and get a lot of sleep. And you’ll, you’ll win gold medals. 

Phil: Absolutely. Yeah. 100% 

Daren: This is the best way to train. 

Phil: This is a non-guaranteed guarantee.

So the second ingredient, quite right beets, this is probably the main one, like this is the one that sort of started all this path, like beetroot juice. Um.  and I’ll drink beetroot juice in the week leading up to a race. Cause the, the, the kind of protocols I’ve seen are all loading protocols. So you, you want to be drinking a good, a good glass of beetroot every day, every day.

I like to do it for seven days. You can do it for five before a race. And that’s where some of their studies sit. But the power that lives in the nitrates. So found in green leafy vegetables. Um, and you know, they’ve kind of naturally converted to nitric oxide in the body. Um, and it acts on muscle cells and blood vessels.

So being able to produce more nitric oxide, um, could improve, uh, muscle efficiency, um, and, and therefore things like running and cycling economy, um, and improve blood flow to the muscle. So, um, in other words, you know. It improves your cardio-respiratory endurance. So really, really good thing for endurance racing.

Um, again, numerous studies of, of kind of balling this out, um, and, and shown this to be, you know, efficacious and you’ve got professional cycling teams, professional runners, beetroot juice seems to kind of hit. The mainstream in terms of endurance sport. Funnily enough though, I found it increasingly more diff, I think.

I think it’s kind of fallen out of favor with amateurs. Um, because the last couple of races I’ve done, one, I’ve gone hunting for it in shops. I have not been able to find it. Um, BeetElite, one of the brands I used to like for the little shots of it, uh, don’t seem to be available anymore. So I don’t know if beetroot juice has kind of fallen out of favor.

I still like it, but yeah, not as easy to get. 

Daren: Um, that’s interesting. Uh. Because beet it is still around. Um, concentrate one to come the shots at like two or three dollars. 

Phil: Yeah. I love those. I, I haven’t been able to find them. 

Daren: Oh, I found them from some place. 

Phil: Okay. Ignore me. Ignore me.  

Daren: Ebay obviously, there’s also the fact that good old Eliud Kipchoge did the  159 NEOC and guess what they introduced? Beetroot, beetroot juice. They talked about that on air and they were like, Oh, we did something slightly fringe. I’m like, that ain’t fringe. Yeah. It’s like, it’s been proven. So it’s like, I guess that’s boiling into the mainstream marathoners when they probably do some crazy fringe shit, but Eliud Kipchoge probably doesn’t do fringe.

He just is really consistent and he does the old school like, just show up and yeah, sort your shit out and don’t get injured, you know, just don’t increase it too much. Don’t do too little. Don’t do too much. Um, so yeah, it was really cool hearing them in the NEO’s talk about beetroot juice. I was like, I think I messaged you. It was like, dude! They’re talking about beetroot juice. Beetroot juice! 

Phil: I’ve got some very enthusiastic text messages about the beetroot juice. 

Daren: It’s pretty cool. 

Phil: It is good. I feel the difference, I think, and that’s like I said before, I think this is the, this is the thing with this drink and the thing with the ingredients here.

The downside to doing it on race week is very small. Um, you know, again, beetroot juice is a bit sugary, tart, tart cherry juice. The next ingredient is also like quite sweet. So, uh, it’s not a drink. I would recommend making a staple part of your diet and drinking every day. Cause I think, um, you know, I think there’s, the sugar load would be too much, but when you’re tapering on race week, you know, as long as it’s. You know, you’re in caloric balance or, or slight surplus to kind of make sure your glycogen stores are topped off. You’re not going to get fat over the course of a, of a few days having this for a race. And I think that the potential benefits of the, you know, the, the, the, the ingredients or the, the, the components of the, the ingredient, uh, far outweigh any, any downside.

Daren: Yeah. To, to add to that, I actually, um, I ended up experimenting with this over the past year and a half before race, uh, before, um. Before big races, A races and pretty much any race just to, to check it out. I’ve seen the most gains on the shorter stuff. Yeah. Um, and, and hills, like I was recovering. I was just doing times where I’m like, okay, my watch is off.

You know? I guess the first thing I think I’m like, and I’d be at the end of the interval and I’m like. Why? Why was that so easy? And it’s crazy because all it takes is, you know, three, five percent for things to feel like if you have a little bit of wind behind you when you’re riding a running, you’re like, damn, this is easy.

And all it takes is just a tiny bit for things to get real, real easy, and you’d see some, some pretty intense gains. Um, so that was the, that was the biggest thing was shorter, shorter stuff, 5K  stuff. And, um, hills. Um, I was recovering much faster. Um, the longest stuff, it gave me a bit of a boost, but it wasn’t that like, Holy shit feeling that I got, you know, on those two, three minute long intervals. 

Phil: Um, so the third ingredient is tart, tart cherry juice.

Daren: Tart cherry, oof. Tart cherry. I think we did this on nutrition.

Phil: This is great podcasting. So a couple of things about tart cherry juice, um, makes the drink a little more delicious. So there’s that, but, um, contains, 

Daren: So it cuts the sweetness from the beetroot juice.

Phil: Um, 

Daren: and I guess the mushrooms don’t taste great. 

Phil: The most, yeah. The, the, the little bit of extra sweetness and tartness kind of cuts through the, the cordyceps can be a bit earthy tasting, so, but there’s a pretty small amount. So I just to say they’re like, ratios of this stuff is all pretty unscientific.

It’s kind of, you know, uh, 200 milliliters of beetroot juice, 200 milliliters of tart cherry juice and on whatever the dose of cordyceps from your particular brand you buy. So that was kind of it. Um, but, uh, anthocyanins in, uh, tart cherry juice have anti-inflammatory properties. Um, so, you know, have a, have a, have a similar, um, anti-inflammatory, um, kind of, um, response that the anthocyanins would, would have nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory associates and alternative to, to things like ibuprofen, which you definitely, definitely should not be taking on the regular for, for just, you know, soreness and muscle pains and definitely don’t do it while you’re racing. Um, I’m, I’m kind of a bit tired of having that conversations with athletes. It’s still think that was a great idea. That’s a complete side though. 

Daren: Well, it’s, we’re not talking about,

Phil: No, no, no, no, no. 

Daren: We’re talking about War Juice. 

Phil: War Juice. But the tart cherry juice. So the, the kind of, the big benefit there is really enhanced recovery. So you’re maximizing with the melatonin, with the anthocyanins . Um, you’re, you’re helping to, um, maximize recovery in that, in that taper week, especially before a race.

So just making sure you’re in as good a shape as you can when you get to the start line. Um, and there’s also a study as well showing that it can reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections as well. So if you’re worried about getting sick in the lead up to a race, a little bit tart cherry juice, um, might not be the worst idea in the world.

And that’s it. Three ingredients, war juice. It’s called war juice cause it essentially looks like blood. And you know, if you spill it down, you’re like. Yeah. 

Daren: That makes sense. All right. How, how does it, I know you talk about the taste, but compare the taste to something, cause I know how beetroot juice tastes and it’s quite, the concentrate is really sweet.

I don’t mind the taste. It always makes me think of racing. Uh, but what like combined, you know, the mushrooms and the tart cherry juice, how does that all, well, what’s the, what’s the taste of the feeling that you get from that?

Phil: It tastes like drinking Odin’s tears of a, 

Daren: Who the hell is Odin? 

Phil: The God? The head of the Pantheon of Greek gods, Odin, Thor’s dad, the old father.

Oh yeah. Just it War Juice is the sort of thing that you know, that the Greek gods would, would drink. Like, you know, Aries, the God of war. He’d have a glass of war juice before he went and you know, mess some people up. 

Daren: And there you have it. That is war juice, and I know earlier in the episode we talked about. master tonic. Uh, but we’re gonna 

Phil: Master tonic. It’s not branded. It’s not like Master of Some tonic. 

Daren: I didn’t even think about that. 

Phil: Yeah. Shit, we should sell that. 

Daren: Holy shit. That’s our drink. 

Phil: Okay. Master Tonic. All right. All right. Scratch. Scratch is absolutely based on the Master of Some, and I didn’t just get it from somewhere else.

Daren: Yeah. We’ll talk about master tonic, uh, in a future episode because why give you all the content. In, in one burst. 

Phil: That was a lot as well to be fair. 

Daren: Exactly. Yeah. So, so you can hang on for a bit and um, you know, be on the edge of your seat listener. You listener there, um, and tune into more, more stuff. Thanks for listening. 

Phil: Thanks all.