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Most people have 2 speeds; fast or slow. What if I told you that everyone needs a third speed – a middle gear. Think more of a 4 out of 10 rather than 6 out of 10

Studies have shown that training at 65% of your maximum output allows you to go faster using little energy. Life is the same.

In your day to day – go shift into your 4 out of 10 gear. This will help you to stay fresh while seeing incremental and sustainable gains.

Then your ready for whatever challenges the world WILL bring!

What You Will Learn

  • What speed is perfect? That middle gear baby!
  • What is it? It’s finding a middle gear to operate from endurance sports in life.
  • Why is it important? You can sustain this pacing for long periods of time without low burnout.
  • How can you implement it? Trial and error by finding out what is too slow, one end and what is too fast, the other end.

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Episode Quotes

  • “Slow it down: in training, work, and even relationships. Find your Too Much and too little limits – that sweet spot is the perfect gear.”

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Transcription is 90% accurate. Apologies for any and all errors.

Daren: [00:00:00] Hey, Daren here. So I’m trying something new. I’m going to attempt to summarize and recap the episode in the next, like 20 to 30 seconds. Okay. So if you listen to anything, just listen to this. All right. What is it? It’s finding a middle gear to operate from an endurance sports in life.

[00:00:15] Why is it important? You can sustain this pacing for long periods of time without low burnout. How can you implement it? Trial and error by finding out what is too slow, one end and what is too fast, the other end. And then what’s in the middle is the right gear. 

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[00:01:05] What is up I’m Darren, your host of DLake creates running for Masters of some. 

[00:01:10] The Internet’s most exciting endurance sports podcast.

[00:01:13] Through self-improvement we help serious endurance athletes master some of the health, some of the fitness and even. In some of their life, because it’s all the same. And in being your host, you could trust me because I’m a lifelong endurance athlete. That’s ran a sub three hour marathon, completed an Ironman triathlon in 10 hours, and currently trying to break 16 minutes in the 5k.

[00:01:32] So I’d say that I know a lot of things about some of the stuff that we talk about. 

[00:01:37] Quick warning. We use some adult language and cuss a bit, be mindful who was around when you listened.

[00:01:50] All right, welcome to  another, or this might be the first one or your first one, episode of, DLake Deliberates. 

[00:02:00] Which is kind of a podcast, kind of a blog, kind of a video on social media. It’s all of it. Yeah the first thing I want to do, I guess, or tell you what I’m trying to do with this is… I get these ideas and I’m always like, oh wow.

[00:02:14] That’s kind of like, you know, this thing when I’m running, when I’m lifting weights or when I’m cycling or whatever, even swimming, I still do that every now and then. Um, it’s like, huh, that’s interesting. That’s kind of like, you know, this, uh, you know, when I’m running and this thing happens. I kinda like that thing in life where it’s kinda like a thing in business.

[00:02:32] Um, I decided to start a little series and I’m going to do a little 10, tend to start with shit. I’m doing one. Uh, and then I’m going to do 10 and then kind of reevaluate and see what people think. 

[00:02:44] This episode is titled why you need a middle gear in endurance, sports, and life. All right. The what, why and how explained.

[00:02:51] Uh, so this is what you can expect in this episode. 

[00:02:55] What is it? Find a middle gear to operate from an indoor sports in life? 

[00:02:58] Why is it important? You get to sustain this pacing for long periods time without low burnout. 

[00:03:03] How can you implement it? Trial and error, finding out what is too slow and what is too fast, then what’s in the middle is the right gear. Let me explain further. 

[00:03:13] What? So what is this middle gear I’m talking about? 

[00:03:19] Most people have two speeds, right? They either go too fast or they go too slow and I found out. This, this is very true in swimming, swimming. I had one speech. I didn’t even have two extra. Now I have to, I could go really fast for about 30, 40 meters, almost a lap.

[00:03:36] And then I could, uh, I could, I could not even go slow. So I had one gear. It was just fast and hard and it (verbal swim sound effects) splashing around everywhere. So I was like, man, I actually can’t go slow. You know, or I couldn’t even go like at an easy cruising pace. And. I needed a middle gear. So the middle gear is, is more of like a three or four out of 10, rather than like a six or seven out of 10.

[00:04:06] So it’s kind of hard, but not really. It’s something that you could sustain for like, you know, anywhere from two and a half, three to five hours sort of pace if we’re going to relate this to running. 

[00:04:17] So, uh, rather than me explaining what a steady running pace is and just rattling on and on, I’ll let Anna Harding from YouTubes running channel explain more concise.

[00:04:27] Anna Harding (Running Channel): [00:04:27] So if an easy pace is at 60% effort, then think of a steady pace at around 70% effort. It’s about increasing that aerobic fitness, getting your heart going. And also getting your body used to running a slightly faster, but not too much faster pace. So you should still be able to hold a conversation at a steady pace and you might not do too many runs at this pace completely.

[00:04:51] In fact, what you might find is that you start off running at an easy pace and that run then progressively turns into a steady pace. 

[00:05:00] Daren: [00:05:00] Thanks Anna 

[00:05:01] Ad break.

[00:05:06] This episode was brought to you by me, DLake coaching. 

[00:05:08] We show you as you get older, how to perform better in health, fitness, wellness, endurance sports and life. We’re all getting older. So rather than being like most humans on the earth and declining, why not be better, stronger, smarter, faster, and more wise than the 10 years ago.

[00:05:23] Version of yourself. Our NLP train coaching experience will help you live your best life through habits and intentional decision making. 

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[00:05:47] And back to the show. 

[00:05:51] Why, why, why, so, why is this important? 

[00:05:56] The same could be said about life. Like, why don’t you find the middle gear so that you could actually go kind of like, you know, all right, I can maintain this, so you’re not burning yourself out. And you’re also not going to too hard because I’m sorry.

[00:06:11] Go, go into easy, like. You gotta find that, that middle area where you stress yourself just enough, but you can come back day after day and, and, you know, fresh enough to put in the work and then continue it week after week, month after month and see those incremental, very slow gains. Cause that’s just, that’s just, oh, life is that’s how indoor sports are.

[00:06:35] And it really is all the same. So, um, even art, you know, you creating art, you just showing up every day, you’re getting out. You know, eight out of 10 creative things, you put out nine out of 10 creative things you put out is going to be trash. And then that one or two things is what you learned from those eight bad things.

[00:06:50] And then, you know, it’s, that’s the really good thing. So you got to just show up some days you go hard, some days you chill out, but get used to that middle gear is being kind of the sweet spot for how you go about things in life. And it’s a hard one, especially with swimming. I’ll kind of go back to swimming because I actually w if I go too slow, I would sink.

[00:07:11] And if I went too fast again, I just burn out and I was using the wrong muscles. I had terrible form. I mean, my form is average now, slightly above average, but I can swim slow now and actually, you know, use the aerodynamics in the water. I think it’s hydrodynamics. Um, I’m probably wrong. Tell me if I’m wrong.

[00:07:31] Hit me up. Uh, talk@dlacreatesa.com spelled the normal way. And then let me know if I got the wrong, the wrong word that I’m trying to use. So, how do you implement this middle gear? The biggest takeaway, I guess, is it sounds really easy. Go kind of easy kind of moderate, but that takes, you know, either form or takes discipline because you feel like you’re not getting a workout.

[00:07:56] Um, a lot of people usually just need to slow down and that can be sad again, you know, Life work career, even relationships. When you first start, everyone goes hot and heavy. You just got to back it down and that’s okay. You know, you got to figure out where your limits are. You got to go, all right, that’s the furthest I can go versus, um, you know, maybe underperforming and never seeing where your potential is.

[00:08:18] That’s something that can also happen. And, uh, I’d say more people are type a, especially if you listen to this, you’re more type a, and you’re more like a go getter. Like I gotta do this, I gotta do this. But. If you are a, I don’t know if there’s a type B personality, the whole type, a type B personalities of BS.

[00:08:35] Anyway, it’s been proven by psychologist, but if you’re someone that kind of likes to chill and you don’t push yourself enough, maybe you need to go a tiny bit harder and, um, you know, know that you’ll be able to last longer. So yeah, this meta metaphor, Metta. Meta metaphor, metaphorical sandwich. I think I’ve, I’ve beaten it.

[00:08:55] Um, thanks for listening. And there’ll be some sort of an outro, but, uh, yeah, all the best and be ready for whatever challenges the world will bring. This is, this is the goal to be able to run from zombies because you gotta, you gotta run at a steady pace. Those armies are coming at you, you know, they’re coming at your neck.

[00:09:18] I really went through emoji right now, but, um, I don’t know how to do that in this video. And I don’t know. I also know I can’t do that podcast so much love to everyone. Do you like create out more funny, but Derek piece and as always, you want to perform better? Anyways, don’t master a lot. Don’t master a little, just stay in the middle don’t master rod or master of none.

[00:09:41] Just be a master of.

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