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Healthy Wealthy and Wise 01 | How Our Reaction to Covid-19 is Similar To Doing an Ironman Triathlon


This short episode is an experiment of sorts called Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

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In our spare time, we naturally talk about fitness, wellness, finance and the self-improvement that we gain from all of those things. Those conversations sparked the framework for this episode and series.

Hopefully you can learn a bit from our personal lives to apply it to your own life and get more healthy, more wealthy, and more wise.

There is a chance we might extend this out past Phil and me and look to get other health, fitness and self improvement junkies on board to talk some sh*t about their own health, wealth, and wise journeys.

Phil goes into detail about his diet to get back from a cold (non Covid-19/Coronavirus related), his remote pivot with his new business (This Thing of Ours), and is interested in talking more about mental health and thinkings about their thoughts and feelings around the anxiety with Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic.

Daren talks about his 5K DIY race changeup when the pandemic first struck, tries somewhat timed the market okay to save his a$$, and thinks about how his reaction to Covid-19 is similar to doing an Ironman Triathlon (Spoiler: He wants to say he got through it just fine)

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