How To Learn From Your Racing Failures

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If you want to reframe racing failures as lessons learned then you should listen to this episode.

Some endurance athletes say “failure is not an option”. If you’ve ever attempted to do a race or event that was slightly ambitious, I would argue that failure is an option. In my head, I’ve redefined failure to mean all of the ways to not do something. Or in other words “lessons learned”.

Every mistake, misstep and failing moment is a stride towards triumph.

In this episode, I’ll show you a few race lessons I learned that will help you crush your next running or endurance event.

I’m bringing in a previous guest and endurance sports enthusiast – J Mike Remy or as he calls himself now “Remy B Reel”. He will help me highlight some really interesting findings around my last few races. We did a live video event on his series “Adjust Adapt Achieve” a short time ago and I thought it would be cool to chop up the audio and re-hash it in a dynamic way that helps tell this story better.

Read my actual 5k Race Recap here

The 5 key takeaways from my (AAA) convo with Remy were;

Takeaway 1 – Reframing running my fastest 5k time to my best 5k

Here I talk about the spectrum of what you have to work with. This spectrum is similar to the cards you’re dealt or the crayon box colors you got. You just gotta work with what you have. Here’s more on that.

Takeaway 2 – The Twenty 1% changes

Here I go deep on the nitty-gritty of the 1% changes and upgrades that I did months, weeks, and days before my race. Nutrition, sauna, dynamic warmup/drils/plyos, etc.

Takeaway 3 – Addition and subtraction

I know that sounds like word salad but stay with me on this.

When you take things away you strip things down to its core. I call this essentialism.

My maximal brain tries to live a minimal life, so this was my take on it but through the lens of racing

Takeaway 4 – Use Data – Then ignore it and trust the process

Using data, trusting it, but at the end of the day listening to your body because sometimes the data you give the algorithms is wrong. That’s why coaches are important.

The human touch is necessary with all machines, algorithms, data and formulas.

Without the human, it’s just data. with the human and the data/tech you become superhuman.

Takeaway 5 – Running Virtuous Cycle

This is my fun take on creating a model, frame and lens that can help us see things better in our training and specifically running.



  • “Using data, trusting it But at the end of the day, listening to your own body.”
  • “If you’re injury-free you can run more. If you run more you get faster.”

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