How To Use The Three Pillars Of Mental Endurance Sports


How less is best, with essentialism. Use your health and fitness experiences as the gateway to living a more intentional life through your habits, sensory diet, and self-accountability.

This is Part 2 of a 5 part series. I’m helping smart people use health and fitness, to do exactly what they need to live a better life. Nothing more, less is best.

If you are new, I highly suggest going back and reading part 1 of this to give you the full effect.

What is up! I’m DLake (aka Daren Lake), and I’m creating the experience of “Less is Best” through The Essential Master of Some Coach (Moving forward, we’ll call this MOS Coach for short).

Personally – You can find out more about me here.

Collectively – Master of Some is a podcast and a group of generalists, multipotentialites, polymaths, and jacks of all trades/masters of SOME (get it?!). We strive to help you live with intention and do the most essential things to get the best parts of life that it has to offer. A bit cryptic and abstract, you say? Well yeah, it’s one part poetic, and two parts purposeful.

This is based on my theory of how health and fitness is actually a story and a metaphor for life. When you think about it, they really are the same thing. As much as you may want to get a faster race time, lift more weights, or obtain that summer beach body, a holistic approach to your health and fitness is necessary for life long sustainable wellness, physically and mentally.

How does all of this apply to health, fitness, and overall mental wellness?

This is simple in theory but a bit more complex in practice. First, you need to get intentional and figure out what the hell you really want to do RIGHT NOW. Not 10 years ago, not guessing 2 years from now. RIGHT NOW. What excites you in the morning and makes you curious and ask a bunch of questions? What is the thing you research or do when you have a few minutes of downtime? Once you can honestly answer that, you can move onto collecting all the “stuff” that’s in your mental dashboard, organise it so you can figure out what to focus on then execute.

A small amount of the right effective effort/input (20%) produces big results/output (80%). Therefore, it’s smarter to spend your time doing that 20 % of things, than worrying about the 80% that only give you 20% of the results. A bit loopy huh?