How To Use The Three Pillars Of Mental Endurance Sports


The Essential MOS Coach fundamentals also apply the minimum effective dose method (MED). This is finding out through trial and error what the right amount of input is and then sustaining and adapting that for the rest of your life. I’m pretty sure if you landed here you aren’t interested in becoming a professional top .01% in whatever fitness area you are focused on. And even most average professional athletes can’t sustain that level of intensity and gains for longer than a few years, or 1-2 decades at most.

I read something from the amazing habits expert James Clear and I honestly couldn’t sum up the MOS Coach any better.

“I’m fascinated by the link between the way we live our daily lives and the health and happiness we enjoy. There are choices that you make every day, some of which seem completely unrelated to your health and happiness, that dramatically impact the way you feel mentally and physically.”

James Clear

If you came here you either want to make a change as you don’t like something or you want to get something and do something dope.

From my discovery process (future link), you have to reprogram your whole identity, which takes a bit of time and intentionality.  But don’t be discouraged by this commitment of time and effort. I’m here to help you lay the framework down for a lifelong of change ahead.

Photo by Anastasia Fomina

Putting the Horse Before The Cart

You might be interested in weight loss, gaining muscle, or running a faster race than you have before. If so, dope! It’s [insert today’s date] and you can google how to do all of those things. Pretty simple. The doing is actually the easy part.

But that’s putting the horse before the cart. You will need to tweak a few things before the actual doing. This is where shit can get a bit icky and messy. It’s the whole “looking internally to who we are and what we really want”. This self-work or “emotional intelligence” isn’t easy but I have helped people like you, researched a bunch of the science behind this, and more importantly, I’ve done it myself to make the process less daunting and easier to assist you.

There is no tried and true guide to being the best you, as no one else has lived your life. And that is pretty damn cool if you reframe it. That’s how unique we all are [Insert cheesy Disney music]. Maybe you can google to the 10th page (who goes past the 1st page anyways?) and find someone that had the same exact trajectory as you in their health, fitness, and wellness journey. Then you can attempt to model everything around what they did in hopes that your life is exactly like theirs. But most likely, that won’t happen. 

Through my initial 11-session real-world no-bullshit one-on-one coaching course (which can be done anywhere in the world) you can see life-long changes happen that will get you what you may have come for (beach body, faster times, etc.) and more. The process is simple; I work directly with you, do an audit and assessment on what you want, where you are now, and how to get where you want to be. And then we set a plan. It’s easy in theory, and a lot of fun in execution!

The 3 Pillars 

The plan is based around 3 pillars (This will most likely evolve over time as we find out what work);

  1. The Be-Do-Have – Identity Software Upgrade – Part 3(Link)
  2. Full Sensory Diet – What You Are Consuming – Part 4 (Link)
  3. Self Accountability – Using consistency and your data to make a framework – Part 5 (Link)

In addition to #3, I help you with organization around your main objective. I get you to ask yourself honestly “why the f*ck you want to do this thing” and then a few more why’s just to make sure.  I feel a lot of mindless decisions are made without taking the time and asking yourself “Wait, do I really want to do this thing, buy that thing, or even be this type of person?”

I then build on those 3 pillars, adopt a self-referencing culture of posts and ideas that tie into each other and sprinkle in a bit of science, info from my talks with experts, and my own humorous anecdotes to give you The Essential MOS Coach.

I’ll also incorporate all of the above into practical tactical strategies that you (not me) come up with to fit and mould around you so that it’s sustainable for the rest of your life. And after those 11 sessions, we will have you on the path to becoming the best you and seeing changes to your core identity. The changes can even happen in as quickly as a few weeks.

Interested and ready to find out how this all applies to health, fitness, and overall mental wellness? Great.

Start here on Part 2 (link part 2) which explains the 3 pillars. Then swim on over to Part 3 (link the be do have exploded post), pedal towards Part 4 (full sensory diet), and run sprint finish here on the last one, Part 5 (self-accountability), Those should give you a clear picture of what I’m offering and give you the wholistic-no-bullshit transformation that you’ve been looking for.

Mos Coaching slots open up every few months and (you guessed it) right now I am offering one on one coaching sessions for a limited time and only have a few slots! Email me – daren@dlakecreates.com to say hello and find out more.