Less is Best. The Essential MOS Coach | Intro Part 1

Read Time - 4 minutes

How less is best with essentialism. Use your health and fitness experiences as the gateway to living a more intentional life through your habits, sensory diet, and self-accountability.

“Many of our problems and concerns, whether they have to do with health/fitness, careers, or relationship, can be fixed with the help of straightforward exercises (aka – life hacks) that, when repeated over and over again, become ingrained, thereby streamlining productivity and efficacy. “

James Clear (Habits Guru)

What is up! I’m DLake (aka Daren Lake), and I’m creating the experience of “Less is Best” through The Essential Master of Some Coach (Moving forward, we’ll call this MOS Coach for short). 

Personally – You can find out more about me here.

Collectively – Master of Some is a podcast and a group of generalists, multipotentialites, polymaths, and jacks of all trades/masters of SOME (get it?!). We strive to help you live with intention and do the most essential things to get the best parts of life that it has to offer. A bit cryptic and abstract, you say? Well yeah, it’s one part poetic, and two parts purposeful.