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What is a now page? It’s the fine line between an about page, twitter updates, and a biography. The top line story if I were to catch up with an old friend.
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What I’m doing now

(Updated May 2024)


  • Because I was lifting so much and it was the off-season, I actually went too hard and did too many calf raises and bent over rows. Now I have a mild tibialis anterior tendinopathy and golfer’s elbow. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d rather wear out from too much use than rust out from not enough. Your body is meant to do things, not sit around and collect dust.
  • Mildly strained my right achilles (brand new injury!) doing something retrospectively stupid. I increased my weekly “hard” run workout session too much while decreasing my overall run load. Achilles wasn’t ready for it and went, “Not today”. Four weeks and I’m 95% better.
  • Six months into no-racing training while still progressively increasing fitness and reaching the perfect balance of health, it’s been harder than I thought, but it’s been a lot of fun, especially doing a lot of cross-training in the summer months and open-water swimming.
  • In Feb 2024, I lifted like a pro runner, and this happened.
  • I decided in October 2023 to take twelve months off from racing and focus on showing up with more energy and focus in other areas of my life.
  • Stay tuned and follow me on Strava for daily inspiration, motivation, and stoic lulz.


  • I finally decided to publish and “ship” more content. I’ll start with the easiest lowest hanging fruit of 3-5 times a week short IG Stories based on ideas for longer content. Then flesh out those into short newsletter pieces. Then flesh though out into 5-10 min video podcasts. Then flesh that out into longer narrative/deep dives. I’m feeling good about this one.
  • I rebranded all of my content to fall under the “One Percent Better Runner” name. Felt right and in alignment with where I want to go with my content.
  • Publishing full content stack (audio, video, blog, newsletter, socials, etc.) once to twice a month. Consume it all however you want here.
  • My new main objective is to write better and more concisely. Ironically, this page is written in a bit of a sloppy manner, but it’s just notes off the top of my head – cut me a bit of slack 🙂
  • I had an aha moment about a very ambitious content project that could turn into a book or video series. It combines running, how-to, fiction, non-fiction, and world-building. More to come.


  • Ryan Holiday – The Obstacle is the Way. I bought this audiobook 1-2 years ago and just felt like I knew most of it. It was a very good listen, but most of it could have been boiled down to about 40% of what he said. But it is still nice to be beaten over the head with stories from people 2,000 years ago and from 20 years ago to let you know that stoicism is a great tool.
  • I went down a crazy rabbit hole of self-help books and finally did the Kindle whisper sync for voice. I don’t like reading physical books (yes, I’m weird), and having the audiobook version with the Kindle allows me to consume some serious knowledge and wisdom from great people.
  • I’m reading on a “need to know” basis rather than “just in case.” I need to know that I’m reading something to fix my current problem. Just in case is reading a book because you might have the problem later or it’s super trendy right now. I’m overreading like that, and it’s a waste.
  • Cal Newport—Deep Work—finally! I reviewed it here. My goal is to reference it yearly and re-read certain specific parts to refresh myself on key concepts. The investment should prove worth it, as the knowledge is like a seed, sometimes sprouting into a large tree months to years later.
  • Cal Newport—Be so good they can’t ignore you. Unpopular opinion: I think this is a stronger book than Deep Work, but Deep Work has more novel concepts that stick. There is no review/report yet.
  • Cal Newport—Slow Productivity. This was a really short but zen-like read. It made me want to slow down. There is no review/report yet.
  • Paul Jarvis—Company of One. This was great! It felt very much like a 4-hour work week/Mr Money Mustache F.I.R.E. with the “just find your number, live modestly, and be great at your craft” mentality. Refreshing. I think I’m born to be a contrarian.
  • Derek Sivers – How To Live. Beautifully (and hilariously) written/spoken/produced. A very unique way of writing. Taking inspiration for a future project that is brewing in my head.


  • As of February 2023, I stopped watching casual TV to “Focus” on getting as good as I could, even in my downtime.
  • In my time off, I’m reading a combination of nonfiction and fiction and watching a bunch of how-to YouTube videos about content, brand, marketing, running, etc.
  • My son is still watching Home Alone Three, and I’ll break my “focus” rule for him. Unpopular opinion – Home Alone Three is a stronger story with more closed loops than Home Alone One. Tell me why I’m wrong.


  • Finally got through my content cues with podcasting, blogs and YouTube by going on a hardcore binge at 2x speed over two weeks. I don’t like when things backup. Now I have a few in each and it’s nice.
  • Jay Clouse – Creator Science video podcast and newsletter are full of so many tools and tactics for creators it’s not even funny. Love his delivery, transparent performance and amazing question asking in his interviews. I’m taking lots of notes for building up a brand and community in an authentic and trusting way.
  • Cal Newport – Deep Life podcast. Really really good solocast. I actually love the way this dude lives/acts/is. He’s down to earth without being “Huberman/Lex Friedman/Tim Ferriss” famous, and he feels down to earth because he teaches at Georgetown and lives in Washington, DC (my old hometown area). He’s what I strive for with work/life/creative/fitness balance… or at least it feels like it.
  • Tim Ferriss Show podcast. I’ve been reading/listening to Tim since 2012 with the 4-hour work week – huge fan here. He’s had some bangers on over the last year and always has 1-2 strong episodes every month that make me go “Damn…” halfway through.
  • Morgan Housel’s (author of The Psychology of Money) podcast is actually really good, and it’s a solo cast! More solo casts people!!!
  • Huberman Labs—Andy Galpin’s six-part guest series on fitness and what it means to be fit blew my mind. It was about 22-25 hours worth of juicy, deep-dive content. They broke down the process of fitness to its core of stoiciometry/chemistry, explaining what happens when we eat food (carbs/fat/protein) and how we use it for energy when we move fast and slow. Fascinating.

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