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What I’m doing now


  • In March I ran my fastest 5k running time at 16:53
  • Going to attempt to lose 10% body fat (1.2% overall) in 12 weeks without a gym (blog post soon)
  • Running a lot. Getting closer to averaging 100km per week (blog post soon)
  • MAF Run testing monthly and incorporating it into my long recovery runs
  • Had a random knee issue because I detained too much a few weeks back. I’ve since sorted the knee issue out and am slowly building to the 100km a week goal. Might be 12 weeks from now.
  • The goal is to improve my running aerobic capacity over the next 26 weeks by having a well-rounded training approach
  • 4x quality run workouts; vo2 max day, speed/plyometric day, tempo day, and long-run day
  • I’m incorporating 3 strength sessions per week with kettlebell, barbells, plyometrics, speed work and slam ball work.
  • I finally built up my cargo bike – photos soon!


  • Putting a proper publishing plan in place for my health and fitness podcast Master of Some
  • Looking to put out more podcast and music content regularly soon once I finish up these last few episodes


My writing practice is getting better. I try to write a minimum 20-30 mins 4 days a week (on top of my morning and night journaling). I have a huge bucket of topics to pull from so I don’t need inspiration and I just start writing.

It’s been a great creative outlet and similar to Tim Ferriss, my thinking and real-life, in-person speaking is getting sharper.

In late May 2020, I had my first guest article published on The Podcast Host website. I wrote about how I use science to come up with creative ideas. Then The Podcast Movement picked it up and reposted it to their followers. I’ve been getting some awesome feedback on it. External validation is a very interesting dopamine hit to the ego!


  • I haven’t made anything since January 2020
  • I might look to release a podcast sound track-focused album with all of my instrumentals on it
  • Focusing most of my creative energy into building my creative audio consultancy/production company Pod Paste
  • Also focusing my creative juices on writing
  • Listening to a lot of chill shit, atmospheric drum n bass, and liquid funk drum n bass on runs. LTJ Bukem… whatup!



I have a deep cue of youtube videos in my “watch later” favorites that I’m slowly getting through. I’m looking to make this public soon.

(Updated 10-Jun-2020)