Now Now Now

What is a now page? It’s the fine line between an about page, twitter updates, and a biography. The top line story if I were to catch up with an old friend.
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What I’m doing now

(Updated Jan 2023)


  • Finally starting proper preseason in Jan 2023
  • Maintenance mode from Oct – Jan with a lot of triathlon-style training (cycling, swimming, and gym sessions) – might even play basketball
  • I went sub 17 mins in the 5k twice in 2021 but was not nearly as fit this year, which is fine. I’m still close. No major regression.
  • In Sept Ran a best half marathon time of 1:22:10 with minimal training!
  • Super consistent July, August, and September with a nice ramp-up in fitness.
  • Stay tuned and follow me on Strava for daily inspiration, motivation, and stoic lulz!


Took a break from posting as I needed to “Clean up, organize and plan my content house”. I have too much going on and realize I have very limited time and a lot of ambitious things I Want to do. It’s sad but true. Lots of learning lessons in a short bite-sized manner. Listen here.


  • Focus on finishing things and not starting them. Have a lot of half-done stuff sitting around.
  • Slightly new and revamped newsletter format (way more fun – subscribe for free now!)
  • In my spare 5-10mins (We all get a few of these per day) I try to write something. The irony is that writing is composed of multiple stages (ideation, research, outlines, treatments, drafts, editing, etc.) and I can do them in spurts of a few mins


  • No music focus for now – Stopped making random beats and started focusing on writing in my spare 5-10mins off time (and reading). Will get back to it


  • Non-Fiction/Documentary The Everything Store Book about Jeff Bezos and Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (The founder of Nike). I thought it would be a running book. But it’s a business and life book that has a bit of running in it. Such a great storyteller/writer.
  • Productivity & Learnings – $100 million ideas & The Psychology of Money
  • Also – Just read blogs and such. Going super deep on creating a 2nd brain with Notion and organizing all these random notes and ideas I have floating around between email, my head, and other note-taking docs. Getting there…
  • Fiction – Nothing really on my radar at the moment, biographies seem to be a nice blend of fiction meets real life. Be aware of the narrative fallacy though!


  • Atlanta – wow, what an ending. Beautiful
  • Random Marvel shows on Disney + – MS Marvel weren’t bad. Be interesting how they tie her into phase 4 with the multiverse and Kang, etc.
  • Moving onto some of the other random “What if” Marvel-type stuff.
  • Also – I’ve curated and organized all of the hours I’ve spent watching youtube videos. Check it out here.