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What I’m doing now

(Updated Jan 2021)


  • Jan I properly focused on a “pre-season” which was mostly building consistency around 80% effort over 8 weeks. I slowly increased my volume about 10-15% each week and ending it at 100km (60mi) week.
    I then took 7 days off for recovery (60-70% volume with same intensity) and then took 3 days properly off with no running and minimal training (bike commuting – no lifting)
    I also did a few time trials during this recovery to get a base of where I was for the proper season build (Strava links TBA)
  • My annual total for 2020 was a personal record. I had been averaging 100km (61 miles) per week (blog post soon). Looking to continue something close to that.
  • Dec was my first proper “off-season” maintenance build – Which was just holding about 50-60% training load and efforts. It feels weird because I want to do more/am super fit, but I want to treat the next 4-8 weeks as a proper baseline/build before a 12 week run at a 5k.
  • November took a scheduled 3-4 weeks “off” which consisted of reduced training load (about 70% reduction) – Did wonders for some nagging minor injuries and aches
  • In October I was getting ready to do my annual half marathon and then… life happened. More to come on that.
  • In September, I ran the fastest mile (1.6km) I’ve ever run in my life (on a properly marked distanced course). I didn’t think I would be getting faster as I got older, but it’s a thing. Let’s keep rolling with this!
  • Follow me on Strava for daily inspiration, motivation and stoic lulz!


  • I went super hard at getting 10 episodes ahead with my podcast Master of Some. It’s the internet’s most exciting endurance sports podcast. We show you how to perform better as you age because you haven’t peaked, yet!
  • Will be putting out more consistent episodes at about 1 every other week (aka fortnightly as the brits/Aussies say)


In late October 2020, I wrote a guest article and it was published on The Podcast Host website. I wrote about how I use science to come up with creative ideas. The Podcast Movement picked it up and reposted it to their followers. I’ve been getting some awesome feedback on it.


  • Wrote and Recorded lyrics to the theme song for my podcast. Link coming soon! Was actually a lot of fun to do and it’s not wack!
  • Listening to a lot of chill shit, atmospheric drum n bass, and liquid funk drum n bass on runs. The Liquid Lowdown With Chiccoreli is my go-to for long runs
  • I haven’t focused on anything original since January 2020, which is absolutely fine.
  • I might look to release a podcast sound track-focused album with a lot of my instrumentals on it



Finally! I’ve curated and organised all of the hours I’ve spent watching youtube videos. Check it out here.