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What I’m doing now

(Updated Mar 2021)


  • Early March 2021 I ran a 5:02 mile which I’ll say is sub 5min because of GPS and elevation discrepancies 🙂
  • Feb – 2 weeks into my proper 15:59 focused 5k and looking alright. Seeing some gaps in my fitness (mainly speed endurance)
  • January I properly focused on a “pre-season” which was mostly building consistency around 80% effort over 8 weeks. I slowly increased my volume about 10-15% each week and ending it at 100km (60mi) week.
    I then took 7 days off for recovery (60-70% volume with same intensity) and then took 3 days properly off with no running and minimal training (bike commuting – no lifting)
  • My annual total for 2020 was a personal record. I had been averaging 100km (61 miles) per week (blog post soon). Looking to continue something close to that.
  • In September, I ran the fastest mile (1.6km) I’ve ever run in my life (on a properly marked distanced course). I didn’t think I would be getting faster as I got older, but it’s a thing. Let’s keep rolling with this!
  • Follow me on Strava for daily inspiration, motivation and stoic lulz!


  • Posting up episodes consistently (every 2 weeks) for the last 3 months. This is def a record in my books. Listen here.


Feb 2020
I was asked to write another article for The Podcast Movement this time. I went pretty vulnerable and talked about how a huge failure actually as a blessing and enabled me to help black endurance athletes via my 2nd podcast.


  • Wrote and Recorded lyrics to the theme song for my podcast. Link coming soon! Was actually a lot of fun to do and it’s not wack!
  • Finally – All of my DLake Creates music is up on Spotify! Listen to that here.



Finally! I’ve curated and organised all of the hours I’ve spent watching youtube videos. Check it out here.