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What is a now page? It’s the fine line between an about page, twitter updates, and a biography. The top line story if I were to catch up with an old friend.
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What I’m doing now

(Updated Feb 2023)


  • Got a 5K race coming up at ES Marks track on 23 Feb.
  • Pre-season for this first 5k block of 2023 is wrapping up and I’m feeling quite strong after this interval workout
  • Mainly focused on volume with a few sprinkles of v02max work and sub threshold work
  • I went sub 17 mins in the 5k twice in 2021 but was not nearly as fit in 2022, which is fine. I’m still close. No major regression.
  • In Sept 2022 I ran a best half marathon time of 1:22:03 with minimal training!
  • Stay tuned and follow me on Strava for daily inspiration, motivation, and stoic lulz!


  • Getting back to publishing a podcast every 2 weeks while really content stacking/repurposing a bunch of short vids for social media. Listen here.
  • Started listening to American neuroscientist (and great distiller of complex ideas into simple actionable and digestable content) Huberman Labs podcast (in particular his episode on “Focus Toolkit” which is value on top of value for someone that struggles with focus/ADHD).


  • Added a second monthly newsletter edition to my newsletter called ONE THING WEDNESDAY where I go deep on one thing and not three. Ironically the first edition was “40 things I wish I knew 20 years ago when I started distance running”. I am a paradox.
  • Focus on finishing things and not starting them. Have a lot of half-done stuff sitting around.


  • No music focus for now – Stopped making random beats and started focusing on writing in my spare 5-10mins off time (and reading). Will get back to it… when it feels right. But playing guitar instead.


  • Non-Fiction/Documentary Rick Rubin – The Creative Act, a way of being
  • Productivity & Learnings – $100 million ideas & The Psychology of Money
  • Also – Just read blogs and such. Going super deep on creating a 2nd brain with Notion and organizing all these random notes and ideas I have floating around between email, my head, and other note-taking docs. Getting there…
  • Fiction – Nothing really on my radar at the moment, biographies seem to be a nice blend of fiction meets real life. Be aware of the narrative fallacy though!


  • Marvel “What If” series. So damn good. Esp the last 2 episodes. Really excited for phase 5 and the Multiverse.
  • Atlanta – wow, what an ending. Beautiful
  • Moving onto some of the other random “What if” Marvel-type stuff.
  • Also – I’ve curated and organized all of the hours I’ve spent watching youtube videos. Check it out here.

Find this podcast on:

(Or search 'Trees Dlake' in your favourite player)