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What is a now page? It’s the fine line between an about page, twitter updates, and a biography. The top line story if I were to catch up with an old friend.
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What I’m doing now

(Updated July 2021)


  • I’m 8 weeks out from peaking and doing a few 5ks and hopefully going 16:30 ish but feeling interestingly good but also bored at the same time. Let’s see how this plays out
  • Finally went sub 17 minutes and ran 16:47 on 2-May-2021 at Sydney Olympic Park. Watch/read here for the recap and more on that to come soon.
  • Follow me on Strava for daily inspiration, motivation and stoic lulz!


Posting up episodes consistently (every 2 weeks) for the last 5 months and for the last 4 weeks have been publishing weekly. This is a record in my books. Listen here.


Been flexing the pen a bunch more on my DLake Creates social media content and podcast marketing videos for brands.



  • Non – Fiction/Documentary Robert Palmer – From Misery To Hope. About mental health, religion, and healing powers of faith. With a foreword by his son (and my brother from another mother), Ted Talk Alumni, Kary Youman.
    Range by David Epstein – All about why generalists have the keys to the world (not specialists)
  • Productivity & Learnings – Effortlessness – Greg McKweon. What happens if what you really want to do becomes easy instead of hard?
  • FictionHail Mary – Andy Weir – Super fun and fast read like the Martian (he wrote that too). Set in current day with technology we know but with a crazy twist.


I’ve curated and organised all of the hours I’ve spent watching youtube videos. Check it out here.