Phil Races a 100km Ultra Marathon Trail Run | In Ultra

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This episode we time travel a bit to finally tell a descriptive, fun and captivating story via the wonders of sound design and audio production! The story is about co-host Phil’s attempt and journey to race and complete a 100km Ultra Marathon trail run in the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia.

We have his partner Kat helping out with the narration and start out with his night before pre-race interview. We then work into the day of the race with some awesome in race moments grilling Phil while he’s starting to struggle.

Listen on to rest to hear if he finishes and if he does, in the time he thought he would.

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9:58 – I usually just tell myself a story in longer races that it’s only the next 5k. I chunk the race down. – Phil

22:30 – when you cramp in endurance sport it’s because your body hasn’t gone as hard or as long or both. – Daren


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