Living For Joy and Not Happiness is Stoic Purpose

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Read Time – 4 minutes To suffer is to have a purpose. Happiness is a match and joy is the lifelong fuel to your health and fitness fire. Without bitter suffering, getting to the end isn’t as sweet. BONUS — I created a podcast on a similar topic called “Stoicism” that is based around health and fitness served […]

CBD Radio – Digressions – Grower Not A Show-ER (Full Podcast Episode)

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Read Time – 2 minutes Click Above To Stream The Full Feature Length Episode or Direct Download (right/control click) – HERE. A Cool Black Dudes Radio & Pod Paste original investigative story about how a guy’s very personal insecurities turned into something WAY BIGGER than his problems. The following while extremely informative, contains some foul […]

Sensory Diet and Brain Food Audit | Part 4

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Read Time – 5 minutes Photo by Nadine Primeau I felt that I had to pay attention to my attention, that I had to focus on my focus. It was new. It wasn’t something I’d had to think about since I was a kid. (c) Mark Manson What you consume starts the process of creating […]