Why I will run 1% faster over the next ten years | Part 1

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Read Time – 7 minutes “Big or too many changes fail a lot of the time. Really small changes consistently produce big results.” Tim Ferriss This is Part 1 of “How/Why I’m attempting to run faster by 1% each year over the next 10 years” series. You can read the full series here. A few days […]

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Can I really be more with less? | The Marathon Experiment v1

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Read Time – 4 minutes “Do as little as needed. Not as much as possible” –Tim Ferriss | The 4 Hour Chef Why am I running a marathon with the least amount of training? Might as well test it out and live this experiment. I’ve lived an interesting life. Learned a lot and one thing that remains […]

Lessons Learned | Ironman Cairns — Race Recap

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Read Time – 8 minutes Please note — this is a slightly detailed review of what happened on race day of my first Ironman Triathlon. I feel this is of value to other triathletes, people interested in triathlons, and myself as there are some important details on the nitty gritty of the day. Technical triathlon […]