How & Why I will run faster over the next 10 years | Full Series

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Running 1% Faster Over 10 Years | Part 1 – 2017
Running 1% Faster Over 10 Years | Part 2 – 2017
Running 1% Faster Over 10 Years | Part 3 – 2018
Running 1% Faster Over 10 Years | Part 4 – 2019
Running 1% Faster Over 10 Years | Part 5 (2020 – 2024)

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Let’s rewind to January 2017. It was six months after my 10-hour Ironman triathlon finish, and I wasn’t feeling quite right. Every race that year was either really good or really bad. It made no sense, and the only thing I could attribute the inconsistent racing to was my lack of consistency in training.

Things needed to change. Fast.

Fast-forward to July 2017. I ran my fastest half marathon and crushed my time from 2007, 10 years before that, by 4 minutes.

This one question started to linger and I couldn’t get it out.

“What would happen if I were to train consistently and only focus on getting one per cent better each year for ten years?”

Sounds easy enough in theory. I then set a plan to do just that.

I will race one half-marathon each year for the next ten years. All I need to do is run about 1.5 minutes faster year on year. Ironically, that number will get small each year.

Again, it sounds easy in theory, right?

Well, this is me documenting the experiment around my hypothesis. I’ll try really hard to post my results each year.

Let’s see what I lehave learnednd what I dohave donever the tepast n years.