Seven proven supplements to help you crush your run recovery

Work + Rest + Recovery = Training, not work + work + work. This means that when you go hard or long on a run, you need to properly recover.

Learn about the top 7 science-proven supplements for better run recovery here.

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Disclaimer – Take these if you’re healthy and consult with a medical professional. this is all for fun. this doesn’t replace real food. 

Supplements! They polarise and divide the endurance sports and running community. Some people love em, so people don’t – I personally like them for many reasons and… maybe you should consider them in your recovery routine if you don’t already.

What You Will Learn & Highlights

  • 2:17 | How non-science-based supplements could actually help you
  • 5:04 | How you can drink too much water and decrease performance
  • 7:01 | Another reason why Daren likes his supplements
  • 8:19 | Electrolytes
  • 10:38 | Vitamin D
  • 13:44 | Fish Oil/Omega 3 Oils
  • 18:31 | Glucosamine
  • 22:07 | Collagen
  • 26:19 | Creatine
  • 32:24 | Broccoli Sprouts
  • and more!

Notable Quotables

“More people have died from drinking too much water than being dehydrated.” (This is called hyponatremia)

“New studies have shown taking protein during long events helps performance.”

“If there is no money to be made for the supplement they won’t do the research.”

“Science changes its mind. it’s not an absolute truth. now i know more information.”



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