What If 2021 Isn’t Better?

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Read Time – 2 minutes Running into life’s puddles with joy Watch Video HereSign up for the newsletter here Hello, and welcome to a new segment of my newsletter called “DLake Deliberations”. Once a month-ish – I’ll attempt to talk about the intersection of endurance sports, health, fitness, creativity, career, and life. Ambitious? Probably. But […]

Low Expectations = Joy | Nowra Sprint Triathlon

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Read Time – 3 minutes Race Recap Jan 2018 What Tim Urban of Wait But Why says actually does ring true; “Joy = Reality — Expectation + Gratitude” (I added the gratitude bit). “Joy = Reality — Expectation + Gratitude” (I added the gratitude bit). *2nd on the bike overall (out of 223+) *4th Place in […]


Why I will run 1% faster over the next ten years | Part 1

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Read Time – 7 minutes “Big or too many changes fail a lot of the time. Really small changes consistently produce big results.” Tim Ferriss This is Part 1 of “How/Why I’m attempting to run faster by 1% each year over the next 10 years” series. You can read the full series here. A few days […]