Is your run smartwatch data lying to you?

Smartwatches provide runners with data such as heart rate, GPS location, and VO2 max using AI technology. While useful for insights into running performance, these devices have limitations regarding accuracy, long-term fitness improvements, and individual variability. Ultimately, they serve as guides, and personalized coaching remains essential for truly optimized training and performance.

Want To Race Faster? Drink War Juice.

If you want to learn how to find a pre-race drink that will turbo-boost your race performance, you should listen to this episode. The endurance sport season is about to get into full gear in both the northern and southern […]

Low Expectations = Joy | Nowra Sprint Triathlon

Race Recap Jan 2018 What Tim Urban of Wait But Why says actually does ring true; “Joy = Reality — Expectation + Gratitude” (I added the gratitude bit). “Joy = Reality — Expectation + Gratitude” (I added the gratitude bit). […]