The difference between Ironman training and Covid

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In our spare time, we naturally talk about fitness, wellness, finance and the self-improvement that we gain from all of those things. Those conversations sparked the framework for this episode and series.

Hopefully you can learn a bit from our personal lives to apply it to your own life and get more healthy, more wealthy, and more wise.

There is a chance we might extend this out past Phil and me and look to get other health, fitness and self improvement junkies on board to talk some sh*t about their own health, wealth, and wise journeys.

Phil goes into detail about his diet to get back from a cold (non Covid-19/Coronavirus related), his remote pivot with his new business (This Thing of Ours), and is interested in talking more about mental health and thinkings about their thoughts and feelings around the anxiety with Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic.

Daren talks about his 5K DIY race changeup when the pandemic first struck, tries somewhat timed the market okay to save his a$$, and thinks about how his reaction to Covid-19 is similar to doing an Ironman Triathlon (Spoiler: He wants to say he got through it just fine)

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Phil: [00:00:00] If it’s not bounced back by then, like you said, it’s probably because there’s been a true apocalypse and it’s turned into coal. Mike McCarthy’s the road and I’m like wandering down the streets with a shopping trolley and a chain. So 

Daren: [00:00:16] what is up? I’m Darren AK. DLAKE creates your host of the Internet’s most exciting health, fitness and self-improvement podcast, master of sung with master of some.

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Last is a quick warning. We sometimes curse, swear and use bad language. I’d hate to put you in an awkward position, so please be mindful where and how you listen to a show. This episode is an expression. Men of sorts called healthy, wealthy, and wise. If we like it, we might keep it, if not the mechanic. Phil kind of suggested that we capture our ketchups and a bit of a structured manner.

I said, yeah, cool. There’s a chance we might extend this out past filling me and look to get other health, fitness and self-improvement junkies on board to talk some shit about their own health, wealth and washed journeys. 

Phil: [00:01:50] Healthy, wealthy, and wise. Yeah. Little short form. Impromptu update from Darren and Phil podcasts from the

Bonkers of COBIT 19 self isolation. Hell, that’s not really how, I think this was a conspiracy cooktop by the, uh, global cabal of introverts, just so we don’t have to deal with people. Um. I, for one, applaud their actions, jokes. Um, so quick fire back and forth on each one of those three topics. What have you been doing this week?

What have you been thinking about? What have you been reading? Uh, any pearls of wisdom to share with the audience? So 

Daren: [00:02:30] you better watch your diet, 

Phil: [00:02:31] kick it off with healthy Darren. However you’ve been staying healthy this week. 

Daren: [00:02:37] This week I have been staying healthy by tapering for my 5k, my AA race, which is tomorrow.

And um, it was going to be tomorrow evening on the track with the whole bunch of people. And then I decided last night after reading a couple of things, I said, fuck it. I’m not running around human beings and I’m just going to do it on the. The Wentworth park one mile loop thing on my own, so it won’t be as fast and uh, yeah, it won’t be as accurate, but fuck it, I’m going to get it done because I honestly know that I’m peaking right now.

And, uh, I’m, you know, at my healthiest, which is subjective fitness wise, um, and I actually know on peaking, because I did a kind of 5k predictive warmup, Oh, sorry, five came from, have to work out about nine days ago and. Um, I nailed it and I like felt really good afterwards. But it’s funny because I definitely haven’t recovered over the past nine days properly.

And, uh, I’m like today, I’m like, all right, I got less than 24 hours. And I’m like, fuck, things don’t feel right, but, uh, but fuck it. It’s on the calendar. And I feel like I’ve really only got a couple of days before I either lose my fitness or I just can’t. Maintain it. Um, maybe I could, maybe I’m going to get some sort of illness that’s floating around.

Uh, maybe the world gets shut down, so I’m like, fuck it. I’m just going to do it now. Um, it was on the couch going to get it done. Yeah. How 

Phil: [00:04:01] about you, do you think, what’s your, what’s your predicted time? What are you aiming for? Are you going to put that in the world? Are you gonna keep that in the heart?

Daren: [00:04:08] Yeah. I don’t know if it’s been open up. Um, sub 17. So 16, 59, three, 24, uh, three 24, four times, and then at three 23, once. So a nice, that’s the goal. Um, yeah. All my training’s been like, just pointing directly at that, and it’s not like I’m doing anything outside of my, my vicinity. Um, there’s a lot I can go on.

I’m just gonna keep it at that. How about you, sir? What are you doing that’s healthy? 

Phil: [00:04:35] So healthy, not healthy. I feel like I’ve tapered. Um, I, I got hit with a cold, so not, not COBIT, 19, uh, non of those symptoms, but, um, you know, just snuffly sore throat, just feeling just weakened rubbish. Um, and with all that’s going on in the world, self isolation and, and, and not being, not being out there in public places.

Coughing and sponsoring and, and generally looking sick. He’s probably, he’s probably a wise idea, just not to freak people out. Uh, so I’ve been taking it really easy in indulging in a lot of self care. So really just all out on all fronts. Um, trying to get well. So, um, besides isolating myself, eating a really nutrient dense, dire cooking, lots of stews, lots of bone broth, um, lots of vegetables, lots of.

Berries, lots of fruit, um, broccoli, sprouts, all that kind of stuff. Um, on the exercise for an, um, it’s been like mild yoga, breath work, meditation, going for like walks in the sun, you know, when I’m not around other humans, a good supplementation. So a force going a bit heavier on the vitamin C, Hey, it might not help, but it’s certainly not going to hurt things either.

Uh, more, more electrolytes, making sure my hydration is good, more sleep. Um, and, and generally just generally just R and. R. so I’ve come out of the back of it. I, I kicked it pretty, pretty fast considering how bad I was feeling. And, uh, just today I now feel like I could run through a wall like. My body feels rested and good and, and recuperate it and, and has benefited from all of those things.

Cause I’ve not been going to the gym. I’ve been like replicating sauna at home by just having really hot baths with like lots of magnesium salts in there and stuff. So, um, yeah, man. Uh, it turns out that being sick can actually be good for your health if you treat it right. 

Daren: [00:06:32] I liked that. I liked that. That sounds really, really therapeutic.

And, um, I applaud your efforts to stay away from other human beings, um, you know, for, for the better of you and for the better of them. And I know that, um, you’ve been dealing with this for a while, so it must be nice to, to kind of be back to normal. 

Phil: [00:06:53] Yeah. Yeah. I’d like, I’m still sort of, you know, 10 15% off of, you know, where I, where I’ll probably be tomorrow given the trajectory of the recovery.

But, um, yeah, it’s certainly nice not to feel, uh, not to feel rubbish. Yeah, it’s good, man.

So, uh, so wealthy. What do you, what are you doing? What are you doing on the wealth front? I know you’re sharing the other day. You’re, you’re super busy with light projects coming out your ears at the moment. 

Daren: [00:07:25] Yes. Long story short realized, uh, if shit really hits the fan, I actually. Do. You didn’t have enough liquid to sort myself out in the law, the midterm to three to six months term, and I realized that there’s three big variables going on that I don’t have control over that actually couldn’t affect that so.

I ended up doing something that I never, ever thought I would do, which was pull all my fucking money out of stock market, or at least most of it. Um, and it was because I actually needed liquid and it was because of just this very, this very unique situation of three things. Um. That I that are, that are dependent on income in my family, not actually having any certainty in the next like three to four months.

So, uh, it was, yeah, it was just like, I sat back and it was really funny. I was talking to a good friend of mine, a finance friend, I think you met him, and he was like, yo, dude. Stock market’s a whack. I pulled everything out and he like rides. He like, he’s a buy and hold type guy. And I was like, Oh, wait, what?

And then I’ve been so inundated with so much work that I never like sat down and was like, let me check out what’s going on, stock markets. And I went, Oh, this isn’t good. And then I was like, Oh shit, I should pull out now. I don’t think the bottom’s year yet. So, uh, so yeah, man, I pulled it out and, um. Just gave us a bit of leeway and are finishing up a couple of projects.

So as far as wealth goes, I’m sitting on a lot of liquid just in case shit hits the fan in the world ends. But I feel like even if that happens, um. That means cash isn’t worth anything. So it’s just a, what is it, empty beer bottles and, um, and jars of peanut butter are worth more than, um, dollar bills. So 

Phil: [00:09:10] true.

True. Well, I’m, I’m, I’m a, I’m a let it ride. I don’t, you know, our situation slightly different and I don’t need to liquid cash. And even if the market bottoms out, I’m not looking to do anything with that for the next. You know, 40 years. So there’s a, if it’s not bounced back by then, like you said, it’s probably because there’s been a true apocalypse and it’s turned into combat and McCarthy’s the road.

And I’m like wandering down the streets with a shopping trolley and a chain. So, um, as far as wealth goes on, on my front, um, cause, cause our business is largely, uh, facilitation and workshops and coaching and things like that. We’re doing two things. So a bunch of workshops and pitches. We’ve got just been pushed back because businesses are going on lockdown.

They’re just not having external meetings. They’re sending everybody home. So we’re making hay while it rains. I suppose in terms of doubling down on content creation and also just making it clear that we’ve, we, you know, we can deliver a lot of this stuff remotely as well. We’ve got the, we’ve got the technology and the experience to deliver remote workshops and virtual coaching is.

Sit and be super normal any way out there in the market. So, um, yeah, no, nothing too exciting. But there’s always, there’s always an opportunity and challenge, I think is the sort of takeaway there from me. 

Daren: [00:10:31] Absolutely. Absolutely. That, that, that actually, it’s funny because I sat back and was like, if a couple of these opportunities don’t happen, they don’t unravel us.

Said, I’m just going to go back. To the drawing board and make a lot of content, um, kind of all the little, the, the areas and sectors of my business, um, or potential business. And, and I got kind of excited about that cause I know that that will be valuable in the future. And I, I haven’t really had the time slotted for that.

So, uh, so yeah, it was like, all right, what can I do with this? And I’m also doing similar things to you. I’m like, where’s the opportunity? Who are the people that. May may be able to, you know, justify this as valuable, uh, and affordable. So I’m thinking about my customers in a very clear way. And then what types of sales assets they might need, uh, to kind of get them over the line.

Um, I’m more talking with like advisors and whatnot. So, uh, so yeah, that’s interesting. I’m doing exactly what you’re doing, but it was more on a personal front. Um, I needed to, I needed to play defense, which I rarely do. I’m always on the offense. Um, for better or for worse, usually for worse. Uh, but this time I was like, all right, full defense mode.

I need to, and it, I hate it. I hate being on fucking defense, but, um, I knew that 

Phil: [00:11:37] sometimes you gotta make the tactical decision and do what’s right. And pardon me, pardon me. When we were thinking about, you know, doing the, the remote sprints and the remote workshops and things like that, it’s like. Part.

There’s a little bit of me that feels like it feels like profiteering off a, off a really bad situation. And deep down it is just, it is just the desire to, to, to add value and to continue doing what we’re doing. You know, stopping, doing business with, you know,  and everybody’s company’s grinding to a hole is not.

It’s not helping anybody, you know, the, the more small businesses that, that don’t make it through this, the the worse off everyone will be on the other side. So, um, as long as we’re all trying to add value and do what we usually do, which is provide, uh, provide a service that, you know, help, helps our customers, then I, so I say, go for it.

Here’s the reason.

So why, what are you, uh, how are you, how are you? How are you? Uh, how are you. Enhancing your wisdom this week. 

Daren: [00:12:42] Wisdom. I am enhancing my wisdom this week by, uh, thinking about all the decisions I’ve made. And I really, it’s, it’s really interesting. I want to be wise in the future. So, um, I’m realizing that there’s a, there’s a very.

Thin line between, um, I call them, what did I do? I call them, I call it the, the, the awareness, uh, the awareness meter. Darren’s awareness meter. So there’s, you know, at the bottom there’s awareness. And then next thing is worry. Oh, sorry. First, first, first level awareness, second levels, concern. Third level is worry.

And the fourth level is absolute panic reaction or, or, or action to change whatever situation you’re in. Exactly. I guess is the D Darren models example. Um, I’m usually aware of things and I’m rarely concerned. I sit between aware and concerned and I’m concerned is like, Oh, I am very concerned that, you know.

This client is constantly paying me late. I’m concerned. So, you know, I’m going to probably escalate that up to level four, which is action and it’s positive and negative, uh, reacting. Worry. I feel like it’s just area no one should ever be in, uh, personally. And there’s probably a better box model that I could do, but I came up with this.

Uh, right now it’s linear, but there’s probably a box model here. You’re the model guy. You probably have a model already in your head. 

Phil: [00:14:04] I was just thinking could it not be like a, a sort of double sided thermometer? Cause it just struck me when you were describing that there’s no upside to, there’s no like awareness to like, um, excited to Stokes to pure joy kind of thing is the, 

Daren: [00:14:19] Oh you’re saying so within each level there’s different.

Phil: [00:14:22] Yeah. Or, or if, if, if the middle is awareness, then then, you know, it goes down to where it’s a concern, then worry then whatever, or it goes up to excitement, joy, you know, uh, just there was just no upside in the model. 

Daren: [00:14:36] Let me, let me reword that. It’s Darrens. Negative awareness meter. There we go. Okay. So it’s only on negative, I’ll think about the positive and then puts them together and have a whole, like a whole cohesive, holistic version of this.

Um, but, but yeah, but yeah, so it’s just more like I, I really, every time through bad, bad situations, and I feel like this one that we may have or may we may or may not have named, I think you named it already. Uh, the situation in particular. Um, I really want to come out of this and be like, the whole time.

I was never worrying or never, you know, panicking. I was always in between awareness and concern and I was always under control and I like, I want to truly be like, I knew I would be fine and then at the end of it I’m fine and I’m like, I knew I would be fine versus whoo. Glad we got through that one. Man, that was scary.

Like I don’t want to have that, that feeling cause I really feel like if I have the confidence moving forward. Through situations like this, you know, as more and more happened, cause this isn’t the first time, it’s just gonna happen. And this might happen. More things similar to this. I feel like this is a really good warmup for climate change, to be honest.

But that’s 

Phil: [00:15:43] like a good warmup for laws. Dope. 

Daren: [00:15:45] Yeah. Like the fires were like, the fires were, they weren’t even the warmup. They were the pre-workout, like jog the day before. Like this is like a legit warmup for climate change. Um, but, uh, but yeah, uh, won’t go kind of too far into that, but it’s more like. I always wanted to do an Ironman.

I didn’t really want to complete the Ironman. I just wanted to like stabbing. Oh yeah, I did an iron man. That was cool. I didn’t actually want to do the Ironman, like the training for the Ironman was something outside of it, but actually doing the Ironman on the day I was never excited about and it was quite difficult.

I’m glad I did it, but I just wanted to be done with it and be like, I did an iron man. I can tell people I do an iron man, so it’s kind of like that. I want to like get through this. I’m not rushing getting through it, but I want to get through it at whatever speed it needs to go slow, fast and put the whole time.

Really be aware that. I am going to be okay. So that’s, that’s my wisdom. It’s, it’s me forecasting me to be wise on this. If that’s a super supermodel, 

Phil: [00:16:36] I think a lot of people could take that on in, in the current climate, there’s a lot of focus on physical health and wellbeing as, as the, as they rightly should be and on, on, you know, washing your hands and social distancing and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Um, I don’t hear a lot of people out there talking about mental health. I don’t hear a lot of people talking about, um. How people can approach dealing with their beliefs and, uh, their thoughts and their feelings about what’s going on. And I see a lot of behavior to indicate that people aren’t dealing with that particularly well, the hoarding, the panic, buying, things of that nature.

So, um. Ah, I would encourage people to think about, think about their thoughts, think about their feelings, meditate on on that stuff. That would be my, that would be my takeaway for, for anyone who’s listening, that is feeling that, that sense of anxiety that’s worrying themselves with this current situation, because two things can be true.

At the same time. It can be true that there is something too. The, uh, there is, there is a situation in the world that you have to act, uh, and you have to take precautions and you have to do certain things to move through skillfully. And it can also be true that you don’t need to cause yourself a additional and unnecessary stress while you’re doing it.

Um, so I was going to talk about something else, but that, that seems like, that seems like the, that seems like the sort of wisdom I’m like, I’m not, I’m not. You know, I’m, I’m, um, you know, I’m aware of the situation and I, I see it going down and that there’s some degree of concern for my fellow man because it’s gonna there’s gonna be an increase in, in suffering out there in the world for people.

But I think the more we lean into more awareness rather than less, uh, the better off we’ll all be. 

Daren: [00:18:27] I like it. I like it. So that, that’s your, that’s your wise then. Is the rebuttal? 

Phil: [00:18:30] Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Why not? It’s something I’ve been thinking about this week. I was going to talk about some takeaways I had from working with my coach, but, um, it’s, this is also something I’ve been thinking about and contemplating this week, so I think, yeah.

Well, let’s go, let’s go with that 

Daren: [00:18:47] one. Yeah. Yeah. I like that. And I’ve been, I’ve been going to some of my, you know, my, I call them fo mentors. Uh, the people that don’t know that they’re my mentors. Um. You know, the, the, the, the dark that the health and fitness dark web, um. Internet, dark web people. And it’s funny cause I’m like, yo, say something like profound and you know, Mark Manson, Tim Ferriss and Mark Sisson and, and mr money mustache, like those are like the four say something fucking profound and helped me get through this mentally, you know, and like, it’s like, I’m almost like every time I scroll on Instagram, I’m waiting for them to say something and they haven’t.

And they haven’t really addressed the mental side of it. A couple of them have touched it early on, a week or two ago, but none of them actually talking about it now. And it’s just quite interesting because a, I’m like, someone needs to come up and rise, you know, that’s got a voice in a big megaphone that can address this whole like, yo, calm down.

And it’s funny, I’m actually working with a guy, I’m helping him set up his podcast, his pro bono. Um, he’s a, he’s a blogger and he writes very, very insightful type stuff. Australian Sydney guy. And um, he actually did. A really cool seven minute podcast on that. And, um, he talked about the mental side of it and the, you know, like what you as a, as a human, as a citizen on this earth, like what your responsibilities are and that you shouldn’t be doing all these things.

So, um, so yeah, so I, I, it was cool because I got it from someone that I didn’t even know that would, that would kind of put all the thoughts I have in my head in two very nice, eloquent words. So, yeah, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll end it with that. Uh, any, any final words for the 

Phil: [00:20:19] listeners? No, no, that was a, that was a neat 20 minutes, I think.

I think there’s some good stuff though. 

Daren: [00:20:26] And that’s it. As always, we really appreciate you taking the time to listen to us ramble about shit that we think is cool and you potentially find interesting. Our goal is to help the world by making fitness and health relatable to life. Please subscribe, rate, and comment on any platform you listen to us with.

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