Upgrade your identity to form new running habits with Seth Baird

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If you want to learn how to upgrade your identity to create new running habits, then you should listen to this episode and read below.

Bodybuilders and endurance athletes are not the same type of people. They usually identify with things that are polar opposite. From their training to their nutrition and even how they compete – to the naked eye there isn’t too much in common. But if you take a closer look, maybe there is at the core.

My guest on this episode Seth Baird has chosen to go from the identity of a hardcore bodybuilder and transform into an endurance runner. It took him a while but when I asked him if he was a runner, he without hesitation, said yes.

What you will learn

  • Why he prefers running 400 repeats over longer distances
  • What being a black endurance athlete means to him
  • The mental transition from bodybuilder to runner
  • His identity shift into a runner’s mindset
  • Similarities between bodybuilding and running
  • Where his name Mindful Runner came from
  • And much more!

More On Seth Baird

  • Endurance Runner based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • In a past life was a hardcore bodybuilder
  • He founded Athlos CBD to help athletes with recovery.
  • The guy is one of the most positive and optimistic runners I know on Instagram – so much so that his quote in his IG bio is “Smile while you still have teeth”
  • Occupational Therapist by day and Father of one daughter at night

Notable Quotables

  • “When you see people in nursing homes in their 40s and 50s because of health concerns that probably could have been preventable – that scares you into continuing to run”
  • “I love it when your lungs are screaming and you are at the breaking point. It makes you feel alive, it feels good, and it feels like I’m doing something.”
  • “I often times run too fast and don’t listen to my body. Coming from bodybuilding to running – with bodybuilding you push through barriers. If you muscles are screaming you push through 3 or 4 more sets. With running you can’t approach it like that”
  • “When I picked “Mindfulness” as my Instagram handle I hopefully wanted it to be a subconscious reminder to slow down and listen to yourself. That’s the only way you will get progress when it comes to running. “
  • “I’m not really improving that much. Why did I beat myself up (in training) for months for this showing in a half marathon. You have more in yourself than that”

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