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If you want to learn how to use your own curiosity for endurance sports gains – then you should listen to this episode

Curiosity is something that is double-edged in our society. People that are curious are usually people that do a lot and don’t stick to one thing. In our specialist world, that tends to not be favourable.

Andia Winslow, who is the definition of a generalist/Jack of all trades/Master of Some has proven that perfection with pursuing just one thing isn’t the best way for some people.

What You Will Learn

  • About her ability to tell stories by coaching NYC marathoners and doing voice over work
  • Her drive around being an endurance athlete and health n fitness ambassador
  • How a professional golf career failure turned into a career in voice over
  • The Seven Physical Movements of Life
  • Her thoughts on supplemen
  • How family and “The Itis” are greater than fitness (but only because she had to choose between the two)
  • What she does for her mental self care
  • How taking care of her grandfather allowed her see a new career in fitness
  • How she learned about the value of life and what is important and not important
  • What is Creative Energy in your body
  • Why not being a perfectionist is the best thing to become a generalist (Master of Some)
  • Having Orgasms, Eating Ice Cream and Winning A Million Dollars (all at the same time)

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About Andia Winslow

Andia believes that “the best experiences are those that are shared” and has been recognized globally for her fitness activism in the creation of innovative movies that encourage heart health, proper consumption, injury prevention and total athletic development.

Andia’s work has been featured by The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Shape Magazine, Black Enterprise, Heart & Soul Magazine, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, Health Magazine, Headline News, Weight Watchers, Self Magazine, Bloomberg Business Week, and which, with more than 40 million hits per month, is the “top news source in social and digital media, technology and web culture.”

Named a fitness contributor for American Heart Association and, Andia’s instructional content and viral fitness films have been called the “Smartest, Sexiest Workout Videos Ever” by Forbes, and selected for inclusion in the “National Wear Red Day” 10th Anniversary educational campaign.

She was recognized as a “Top Innovator” and invited to speak at South by Southwest (SXSW) because of her work to empower real people to make real-time decisions about their lives. Her public speaking experience has included live event and TV broadcasting and clients range from Consumer Electronic Week to Walmart, Major League Baseball (MLB) to National Recreation and Parks Association.

Master Of Many

  • Olympic Level Track & Field Athlete
  • New York City Marathon Coach
  • Pro Golfer
  • Voice Over Actor (Has voiced international campaigns for Nike to name a few)
  • Yoga Instructor/Personal Trainer/US Olympic Skeleton Competitor
  • Fitness & Health Model
  • Queen of Calisthenics & body strength/flexibility/mobility
  • Published author & Philanthropist
  • Born in Alaska – Raised in Seattle
  • Master Certified personal trainer – NASM, ISSA, Ortho-Kinetics, A bunch of fitness brands equipment
  • Graduated from Yale (IVY League)

Episode Quotes

  • “If I’m not moving outside I’m depressed.”
  • “And the curiosity is what lead to the adventure and not the perfectionism”
  • “My parent’s taught me to believe that I could do anything – and I believed them. And that’s why I do the things I do. Because I’m curious”
  • “When I’m simple in my workouts and my approach, I don’t get injured. I feel spry, light, and responsive. And that’s worked for me in physical, business, and mental stuff.”


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