Practical Tactical

Using supplements and fasting to race and live better


TLDR: Salt Was The Answer

Listen below to the conversation I had with a certified nutritionist about supplements and intermittent fasting

How I fixed my midday “life bonk” on hard quality and fasted training days

60% of the time I’m usually trying to be super clever and use health, fitness, and wellness as a metaphor for life. 20% of the time I’m talking about some woo-woo Buddhist, mindful way of living. And the other 20% of the time I’m trying to inform you about literal practical-tactical ( copyright – Tim Ferriss) actual ways to do something health and fitness related cuz I’m a literal ass dude. Today is that latter 20%. The practical tactical.

TLDR: Simply adding extra minerals/sodium/electrolytes (Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and Zinc) before a fasted trained session can help you maintain adequate blood plasma volume and blood pressure which will then allow you to not “life bonk” and get a headache/energy drop midday.

Random Cool Bio-Hack

In the past, I’ve had some issues when I intermittent fast after moderate training sessions. Basically, if I trained at an easy or moderate level for anywhere from 45 mins – 90 mins fasted, about 4-5 hours after the training session I suffer.

It wasn’t that I was getting hungry during or immediately after the session. I actually don’t get hungry too much due to my decreased insulin resistance and decreased need for calories (the more fit you are, the less fuel you need as your body becomes more efficient at burning calories). The problem was that I was getting an aggressive headache around lunchtime which usually happened directly after eating.

Triple Entendre Style Lulz

Heavy Sweater 

A few days ago, I was skimming an article on Mark Sisson’s/Primal Blueprint site about training and ketosis. I don’t have too much interest in Keto or extremely low carb diets as I tried it and it didn’t give me the results that I need. It’s not the best fit for my lifestyle and objectives and I’ve found carb cycling to be as effective with intermittent fasting.

Then I saw this statement below that slightly changed my f*cking life.