What If 2021 Isn’t Better?

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Running into life’s puddles with joy

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Hello, and welcome to a new segment of my newsletter called “DLake Deliberations”. Once a month-ish – I’ll attempt to talk about the intersection of endurance sports, health, fitness, creativity, career, and life. Ambitious? Probably. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Let’s jump into my question from the title – What if 2021 isn’t better?

If you watch this video, you might be asking why I’m running through a puddle in slow motion? Well, I think puddles are like obstacles, and 2020 was definitely an obstacle for many. 

Thinking of 2020 as an “oh man, I’m glad I got through that” is a dangerous instant gratification trap. Zoom out and think about 2019. Remember that year? For a lot of people it wasn’t great (I remember the complaints). 2021 isn’t guaranteed to be great either. I’m sure there will be suffering from some group of people somewhere.

Whether your race got cancelled, you lost work, or someone close to you is suffering, I feel you, but it’s an opportunity to come out the other side better and more adaptive.

I’ve gotten a few end of year summaries that start with “Oh 2020, what a year, can’t wait for it to be over”. Interestingly enough, stock markets, Fortune 500 companies and BITCOIN have been doing well.

Kids see puddles and don’t think twice about running and jumping into them. Wet, cold, soggy – they don’t care. It’s something that to most people (including myself) think is awkward and uncomfortable. But the suffering is necessary. That’s the only way you grow.

You have to go through a hard run or workout that crushed your legs and leaves you sore the next day. You then come back a week or two later faster, stronger and better. IT happens all… the… TIME. Look at the US economy after ww2 and the Great Depression. Best economy ever.

I’m sure you might have had a chance to rest up and heal an injury. I think there will be some world records set in many sporting events when things open up again, and people can compete adequately.

We will be fine, and you will be fine. Just try to reframe an obstacle and as opportunities and jump into them more with a childlike attitude. Stop thinking about the instant current negative feeling and remember you will be fine when it’s over.

  • May your suffering be your growth.
  • Keep learning from the past.
  • Peace and love into the future.

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