Why a pro triathlete loves selling coffee and crypto | Max Fennell

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Welcome to Season 3 of the Master of Some! We’re kicking this season off with an interview Daren had with Max Fennell, the first professional African-American triathlete.

Being a triathlete himself, Daren was excited to talk to Max about all things triathlon and endurance but they also delve into racial issues in the triathlete community, Max’s collegiate career in soccer and coaching fencing, being a coffee entrepreneur, his secret love of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and more cool things that he has got going on!


12:16 – “I truly believe in being of service to others and that’s how I’m using the sport of triathlon as well.” – Max

10:52 – “The sport of triathlon just really teaches you self, reliance, perseverance, trust, faith right because come race day everyone is under the same race conditions…we can’t do it unless we see ourselves doing it.” – Max


Max’s website – https://www.maxfennell.co/