The Scary Consequences of Ignoring Your Run Nutrition

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Why a seasonal approach to run diets could help with your performance

Seasons of Running

Just like there are seasons in life, there are seasons in running. You can’t wear the same clothes all year round, and you can’t eat the same foods all year round either. As you start your running journey, it’s important to understand that your diet needs to adapt based on the season you’re in.

Nutrition for Runners

As a runner, you need to fuel your body with the right nutrients to keep it running (pun intended). While nutrition can be subjective and based on the individual, there are some general guidelines you can follow. When it comes to carbs, try to stick to whole foods like beans, lentils, and legumes. Smart, clean eating is just eating whole foods and getting your macros in balance. High carb diets are best for four to six weeks before a race or a hard run.

Experimenting with Diets

It’s important to remember that everyone’s body responds differently to different diets. Some people can handle extreme diets like the keto diet, while others cannot. Talk to a nutritionist or dietician if you’re unsure what works best for your body. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different diets to see what works best for you. For example, I found out through a DNA test that certain diets work well with me during different times of the season around my training.

Training and Running

Running and training go hand in hand. When you’re starting out, it’s important to find a training plan that works best for you. Whether it’s three days a week or seven, make sure you’re consistent with your training. Zone two aerobic exercise is the best predictor for health and longevity. Make sure you’re fueling your body with the right nutrients before and after your training sessions.

Mindset and Stress

Running can be a mental game as much as it is a physical one. Don’t stress too much about your diet. Try to eat a generally well-balanced diet that includes good fats, good carbs, and proteins. Stress can actually be more harmful to your health than your diet. Remember to have fun with your running journey and don’t let the stress get to you.

In conclusion, running is a journey worth taking. It’s important to fuel your body with the right nutrients for the season you’re in. Don’t be afraid to try on different diets like shoes, find a training plan that works best for you, and most importantly, have fun with your running journey. It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…except you do, because you’re in control of your journey.

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Episode Timestamps of What You Will Learn

02:50 DNA-based dieting

03:37 Sports nutrition and clean eating

07:14 Low-carb diet philosophy

10:36 Low-Carb Diets

13:53 Low-carb diets and exercise

18:23 Exercise as Predictor of longevity

21:28 Slow carb diet and cholesterol

23:34 Healthy eating habits

27:51 Diet vs Exercise debate

30:18 Saturated fats and processed food

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